Saving a Picture in JPEG/GIF Format in VB

May I know how to convert Bitmap files to GIF/JPEG during run-time in VB 5?
Perhaps you can recommend some OCXs ,DLLs ....

   Problem Background : I am going to load a picture      
                        from the clipboard into the picture
                        control and save it as a GIF/JPEG
                        file for display on a Web page.
                        (VB only allows me to save in BMP
                        Thanks a Million!

The website suggested by pjmaze in the following email extract does not contain the information I want.

Reply From pjmaze:
   if you go here, and browse you will find several OCX, to read and save several image formats

   see ya

He has also suggested another website which contain non-English materials. I'm afraid I only understand English.
Therefore, I hope all replies are in English. (Please try not to introduce handicapped OCX controls.)
Thanks a Billion !  
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MirkwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:

See also
 There is some nice control
The image library I use and would highly recommend is LeadTools OCX from Lead technologies.

They do have a web site, but I don't remember the exact URL.  Try

Good luck!

xinkeAuthor Commented:
The Website provided does not point to the Lead Tools home page !

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I also use LeadTools here, the only problem is that with LeadTools you need to purchase a LZW license from UNISYS in order to save in GIF format.

Try this site:
This software works great at converting graphics from different formats.  Let me know how it works, good luck and Merry Christmas!!!    --Vingamel 

I don't know if my suggested solution is feasible or not...why can you not convert the graphics BEFORE run time?  Lemme know, and thanks.  --Vingamel
xinkeAuthor Commented:
I am currently writing a Web application which captures still images into bitmaps and I need to convert the pictures at run-time to JPEG files for faster transmission over Net !

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