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Floppy drive device not ready

M24 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hello,my "A" Drive floppy device has power light on continuously.Can not get it to read,the computer says that the "A" drive is not accessible the device is not ready.I am running Win98 on a clone AMD K6  2  333MHZ Super7 Motherboard.I took the CD-Rom and Floppy drive out of this computer to get another computer up and running.A 486 IBM Aptiva.And that's where the problem first started,the 486 computer said the "A" drive wasn't ready and i tried a secound floppy drive and it had the same problem.So i put the CD-Rom and floppy drive back into my AMD Computer and the Floppy Drive now would not work in it.So i bought a new floppy drive and installed it in the AMD system and had the same problem.I see no conflicts under the device manager.Please give advise.
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A continuous light on the floppy may indicate that the ribbon cable has been connected backwards, which is sometimes possible depending on the configuration of the connector. If you haven't already, check that the red marhed side of the ribbon cable is connected to pin 1 on the floppy.

If I was you Westone, I'd have submitted that as an anwser. You can almost always plug them in backwards, and the light on is a sure indicator. Problem is too often it's impossible to see which is pin 1. So you gamble because the floppy doesn't follow the HD rule of red stripe next to power connector. The drives aren't usually damaged by this. I had one hooked up for a couple days this way. Switched the cable around and it was fine.
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Don't forget the other end of the cable!  Where it plugs into the drive controller could be backwards too........
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