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should i reinstall?

Hi. My old computor had a 133 processor. I was running win98upgrade over win95. Things worked great. I upgraded to a asus motherboard and cyrix mII 300 processor. I reformated and did a clean installation of 98. For the most part it runs well, but it seems at least once a day the computor freezes or crashes. One day it froze exiting out of outlook. next day it froze in "print master". Next day a gpf in word and today froze while on the net. Other than the once a day "crash" it runs okay. I do all the maintaince tools on a reg basis. Should i reinstall or will more use work out the kinks?. Maybe I was just spoiled because it ran so well before i upgraded. Thanks for your help.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
pls specify yr Ram, how many Mb it is? Pc freezes while running on software, its kern32,dll related to memory page fault is knocking yr computer. please specify the lines in your config.sys
Looking yr reply asap.   Pslh
When it crashes can you do a CTL+ALT+DEL and see what programs are running? See if one isn't responding. Are you using all the most current drivers (video, sound, etc)? A bit more info on what peripherals you have in your machine would help.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
All valid recommendations and questions... one more thing to check out, run SFC from start/run and see if any of your system files are corrupted -- if so, restore from original Cd or diskette.  That was one problem I had, which caused these intermittent crazies, as I call them.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I also had an ASUS motherboard, and had intermittent problems such as this from various applications.  Downloaded their updated BIOS, flashed the bios and the problems were resolved.  It could, however, be specific settings you have in your BIOS, ie... do you say YES to having a plug and play operating system?  This is an addendum to my prior comment.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
OOps, it is key, of course, to right click My computer and choose properties, to ensure no components are in trouble, ie. yellow exalamation mark or X, etc.  Perhaps you have a resource conflict as well.
Since it is a cyrix processor wich run on high busclocks...
75 / 83 and others
Does your motherboard support 100mhz ??
A wild guess but.......
It sometimes happen due to faulted display card also. Pls check it properly. If it is working properly, you may need to re-install the win 98, and I am sure it will work.
mjmcinerneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I do have to ammend one statement. i found out it was freezing on the net in this one particular site only. So I guess it is the site. Two other times it froze was in tyhe same print master" program, so i assume that is a software issue and I removed that program. so all in all the only other times their was a problem was once exiting outlook and once in word. Both times i was able to recover with no problems, and one time the printer wouldn't work until i rebooted, but that has happened before on my old computor. I have 32mb sdram, cheap generic video card and supposedly the motherboard is compatible with the chip[got this from cyrix]. I guess i should update bios. Is this complicated? Please let me know. Thanks again
Upgrading your bios is very simple..
Go to the site where to get the update. Beware it is the correct one !!!!
Unzip it to any place on your harddrive.
Go to DOS real dos that is... (no window)
Enter the folder where you unzipped the files. Run the exe and be sure to remember the file that has the update. run it and you are done
reboot voila !!

I guess this is an answer.
Why in the hell is this answer accepted ???
Is it answered ???
Ah well..........
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