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This probably doesn't really relate to computers too much, but I can't figure it out.

I have a music CD, and on track #13, at 3:42 into the song, it skips like hell, and is unable to complete the song.  It is like that on several CD Players and CDROM's.  

However, I decided to try to "rip" the Digital Audio off the CD (using WinDAC32), and the song turns out perfect; even where it usually skips, which leads me to believe that there's nothing actually wrong with the disc.

I've tried cleaning the disc and CDROM's and CD Players.  I've tried warming up the CD (that actually works sometimes).  Still nothing.  There are no visible scratches on the CD.

Any suggestions?
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linda101698Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ichor posted a question in customer service requesting a division of points.  We don't have a method of dividing points among the experts so this is how I propose we handle the request.

I'm posting an answer to this question so it can be saved in the previously asked questions (PAQ).  Then I refund the points assigned to ichor's account so we can post questions directed to the experts he wants to receive points.

Thanks for the cooperation on this question.

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   There is something wrong with your CD.  Windac might be able to smooth out the sublte imperfections of a song ripped from a CD.  Also, playing a cd and recording from one are two different things.
ichorAuthor Commented:
Three things I forgot to mention, though.

While I am unable to play the song correctly in CD Players, using WinDAC does "fix" the problem.  Thing is, I'm not recording; it just converts the .CDA from the CD and converts it to .mp3 in this case.  (It also does a fine job without compression, as a .wav file.)

And, the song on the original CD is "bad" from 3:42 to 4:03, which is a pretty big chunk of bad bits if something is actually wrong.

One last thing about WinDAC correcting the problems...I thought that might have been a reason, but I checked out WinDAC.  When it "rips" the Digital Audio to convert, it's reading at 1X, with no read ahead.  Could it still be able to fix glitches like that?

I've heard rubbing toothpaste over the CD helps sometimes.  (I have NO idea why, though...hehe)

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I heard of using tranparent carwax to fill in the scratches.., never tried it though.
Just yesterday heard that you could try putting the read ahead buffer to min. in the cdrom properties if problems like this occur, so it could well be that windac manages that way.

Good Luck
ichorAuthor Commented:
Hmm...carwax doesn't work.  Niether does toothpaste.  Also, my CDROM in my computer is actually a CD-RW, and I have it set to no read-ahead, and to read at 1X.  It seems to do a fine job in WinDAC, but not in CD Player.  I've even tried using a CD Player with a 10 Second Anti-Skip Memory, but it starts losing memory at 3:32, and stops at 3:42.

Any other ideas out there?  I'm willing to try anything.  (I haven't figured out if I'm "innovative" or just plain cheap. =)

If other CDs work properly in this CD player, and this CD performs incorrectly in other CD players, it must be the CD.
Have a freind that has a copy of the same CD? If so try that one.
Try to use CD-ROMs with speed 2X or less if you could find.
ichorAuthor Commented:
omon:  I can manually adjust the speed of my CDROM, and I've tried it up to 24X, and down to 1X.  Nothing helps.

deltree:  I'm beginning to think that, too...But I'm too cheap to admit it.  =)

New problem:  How am I going to award points for this question?
Useful tidbit: There are a few different levels (3 from memory) of error correction, when a CD gets bad bits.  Different CD players are better at working around a damaged or poorly mastered CD.  Also the paint on the label of the PC may make it wobble.  The wobbling may be exaggerated at a particular point (ie the bad point on the track).  Different CD players are better at correcting for this wobble than others.

Also, I hate mechanical parts generally.  I hold printers and CDs and Hard drives in utter contempt (although I'm slightly partial to Floppy disk drives).  They are the points in a PC that simply cannot last.  There.  I said it.

post a message to customer service and tell them to who you want the (shared) points to go.
ichorAuthor Commented:
I didn't know I could do that.  Thanks  =)
Since your computer has a CD recorder, why not rip the song to
the hard drive and then record it on another CD?
Not very inovative, but it is cheap........
I have had similar Carmageddon CD got a bad soundtrack on it when I had a Creative CD400T 4*, but using the Creative CD program the track played fine, while in the game and in the Windows CD player it skipped. But if it happens in purpose-designed Audio-CD players I suggest that it is the software that you are using. About the suggestion of a wobble, slowing to 1x speed should reduce that a fair bit, I have seen a wobbly CD in a 24* and a 4* and the difference, as you'd imagine is quite high. I can't really explain it either.
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