Runtime error 3001 using ADO

I wrote an client application that uses ADODB to access a database on SQL-SERVER. For limiting the number of connections I wrote also an activex exe that will serve a adodb.connection object. This works! In my client I uses the folowing code to set the Connection object :

Dim Cn as new ADODB.Connection
Set Cn = MyObjStore.GetConnection

MyObjeStore is the ActiveX class I wrote and GetConnection is a property of that.
 Now when I try to open a resultset using the folowing code I receive an error :

Dim rstTemp as new ADODB.RecordSet
Rst.Open "SELECT * FROM orders",Cn

When I try this I receive the error : Runtime error 3001 The application is using arguments that are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one other.

But when I open the recordset using :

Dim RstTemp as ADODB.recordset
Set RstTemp = Cn.Execute ("SELECT * FROM orders")

This will work but it is much slower than the other! What am I doing wrong?????

Thanks in advance,

Evert Dieperink
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AnswerTheManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rsTemp.Open(SQL STRING)
Can u show how's your MyObjeStore code goes.
evertdAuthor Commented:
Yes, no problem :

Here is the class :

Public Property Get GetConnection() As ADODB.Connection
    Set GetConnection = Cn
End Property
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    If Cn Is Nothing Then
        Set Cn = New ADODB.Connection
        Cn.Open ("uid=sa;pwd=;server\\gigant_sql\pipe\sql\query;driver={SQL Server};database=ted3;DSN='';")
    End If
End Sub

Here is the module :

Public Cn As ADODB.Connection

That was all!!! But like I said I can use the connection object! But not for creating resultsets!!

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evertdAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
evertdAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 250
Just to humor me, try
Rst.Open ("SELECT * FROM orders",Cn)
Rst.Open "SELECT * FROM orders", Cn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

evertdAuthor Commented:
I tried that but that doesn't work!!! I will still get the same error! Byt the way that is not an answer it is a comment!! HUHU
should be
Set rsTemp.ActiveConnection=CN  

btw, I don't post something as an answer unless I know it is correct.

evertdAuthor Commented:
I tried that already! But it doesn't work! I will still get error 3001 : the application is using arguments that are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable raange, or are in conflict with one another.

This is really strange because the connection object is good! When I try to execute a query using Cn.Execute is works and when I try to open a recordset using set rsttemp = cn.execute "blabla" is also works but the open method of an recordset object won't work!!!
Has the recordset previously been used for something else? Perhaps there is an initialization problem. Could you show us the complete code where you open the recordset?
evertdAuthor Commented:
NO, I am sure there is nothing wrong opening the recordset.

If I try  :

Dim rstTemp as new ADODB.recordset
rsttemp.activeconnection = cn "SELECT * FROM orders"

I get the famous error!!! When I set the Cn object in my program instead of the activex exe I don't get the error!!!!
Sounds suspiciously like a marshalling problem. Your connection is an out-of-process component, and perhaps your in-process recordset does not like using an OOP connection. The connection seems to have no problem creating a recordset, though. Unless anyone has any other ideas, this might be a Microsoft bug.
evertdAuthor Commented:
Huhu cool!! But how can I limit my connection using ADO in Visual Basic 6 ent edition without using MS-Transaction Server???
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