MS-Outlook .pst to Netscape Mail

Does anyone know of a free utility or method of converting a .pst file from MS-Outlook into a file that can be used with Netscape Mail? (The .pst file has all of your e-mail messages and personal folders etc.)
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paulvaneykelenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this URL it contains a number of outlook import and export converters
This program is for Linux, so it probably won't help you.  But here it is anyway:
If you don't find one, and you want to save all your messages, create a free e-mail account somewhere like Hotmail and use Outlook to forward or redirect all your messages to that address. Then, set up Netscape and access that address to retrieve all your old mail. You could do it folder by folder from Outlook to Netscape. The latest version of Netscape, version 4.5 I believe, has an option for importing stuff. Give it a try, it's under the Communicator menu, Tools submenu.
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You can export the Outlook mail to Eudora format:

Then you can use the Import Eudora Mail utility that comes
with Netscape.

chimmyAuthor Commented:
I have found a solution to this problem - use Netscape 4.5 which allows import from Outlook.
Can you point out to me where you found the import command for Outlook? I could only find Eudora, and text-based mail.

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