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I need to setup an auto responder for an email addresses to say that the person has left the company, we are running solaris 2.5.1 with sendmail 8.8.7.  I think I can use the vacation program to do the trick but that requires me to keep the users home directory and passwd file entry.

Does anyone know of any freeware software or standard software that I could use?
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arthurdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:  if you have the "REDIRECT" feature added in your (I think it comes this way by default).

In /etc/aliases


Anybody that sends mail to olduser, will get a bounce back telling them that the user is now located at

If you want the olduser to get the email also:


what about removing the user from the system. The senders will get a message telling that the user was not found on the system (kind a crude way, but then you can remove everything)
ianfosterAuthor Commented:
sorry, not a option (wish it was!) ideally I would like to be able to respond with a message saying "sorry but xxxx has left the company but you can contact them at the address xxx@xxx.XXX"
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You should be able to set an /etc/aliases entry so you don't have to keep the home directory
ianfosterAuthor Commented:
so is vacation + an entry in the aliases file the only option?
maybe you can also do somthing with procmail options, but it's about the same as working with the vacation config.
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