Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Close Program Box

I'm attempting to prevent my application's name from being seen in the close program box

I've added the following code in the proper sections that contains the InitInstance function.

  #define REGISTER 0
  #define UNREGISTER 1

to the top of your main source code file (the one with the InitInstance function in it).  Then add:

  typedef DWORD (WINAPI *fp_RegServProc) (DWORD, DWORD);
  fp_RegServProc pRegisterServiceProcess = NULL;

  pRegisterServiceProcess = (fp_RegServProc) GetProcAddress (GetModuleHandle ("KERNEL32.dll"), "RegisterServiceProcess");

  (pRegisterServiceProcess)(0, UNREGISTER);

to your InitInstance member function.  

Yet it doesn't work.
What have I done wrong????
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks! ;-)
The problem is simply the way to obtain the DLL module handle. Change the code to read
HANDLE hDll = LoadLibrary ( "kernel32.dll");

  pRegisterServiceProcess = (fp_RegServProc) GetProcAddress (hDll, "RegisterServiceProcess");

  (pRegisterServiceProcess)(GetCurrentProcessId(), UNREGISTER);

BTW: the correct operation codes for this function:

// from http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q125/7/14.asp,
// How to Start an Application at Boot Time Under Windows 95
// Last reviewed: September 25, 1995
// Article ID: Q125714

// Define                    Value       Meaning
#define RSP_SIMPLE_SERVICE        0x00000001      // Registers the process as a
                                                                        // simple service process.
#define RSP_UNREGISTER_SERVICE    0x00000000      // Unregisters the process as a
                                                                        // service process.

lynn402Author Commented:
Now when I compile my program I get a spawning error --"error spawning c1.exe"
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lynn402Author Commented:
CORRECTION: the error I'm getting is c2664: cannot convert param 1 from 'void *' to 'struct HINSTANCE__*'
Check your include path!!! This error usually occurs when outdated (Win16!) header files are involved (formerly, 'LoadLibrary()' indeed returned a 'struct HINSTANCE', whereas it returns 'void*' nowadays...). Here some code that compiles AND works:

typedef DWORD ( *RSPPROC)   (   DWORD,  DWORD);

RSPPROC RegisterServiceProcess;

            g_hSvcDll   =   LoadLibrary (   "kernel32.dll");

            if  (   !g_hSvcDll)
                    // error

            RegisterServiceProcess  =   ( RSPPROC)  GetProcAddress  (   g_hSvcDll,

            if  (   !RegisterServiceProcess)
                    FreeLibrary (   g_hSvcDll);
                    if  (   !RegisterServiceProcess (   GetCurrentProcessId (),
                            // error

GetModuleHandle is OK.

The following code should work.

// Registers the process as a simple service process.
#define RSP_SIMPLE_SERVICE        0x00000001
// Unregisters the process as a service process.
#define RSP_UNREGISTER_SERVICE    0x00000000
// ...
 typedef DWORD (WINAPI *fp_RegServProc)(DWORD dwProcessId,DWORD dwType);
 fp_RegServProc fncptr=NULL;
// ...
HMODULE hModule = ::GetModuleHandle(TEXT("kernel32.dll"));
fncptr=(fp_RegServProc)::GetProcAddress(hModule, "RegisterServiceProcess");
if (fncptr!=NULL)
    (*fncptr)(0, RSP_SIMPLE_SERVICE);

lynn402Author Commented:
It's working now.Thanks, JKR
Fine! Do you think i may lock the Q?
lynn402Author Commented:
Yes. Lock the question. It seems that expert exchange isn't presenting me with the options of whether to accept or refuse a person's solution.

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