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Super Urgent ASP WhereClause question

I have a asp question.

I want a search form (i will make it simple here) with 2 input query.
say City, State.
I click on Submit , the criteria strings will be passed to server and run a sql statement and returns the result.
I know how to pass one parameter but don't know how to pass two parameters.

How can I do that?

Please forward any simple sample code and I will granted with 150 points

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

1 Solution
What do you mean by passing parameters? Do you mean passing values of City, State to the .asp(from a form) or passing the values as parameters to a stored procedure? can you elaborate this?
ny971181Author Commented:
I mean pass them to the .asp file form a form.
I don't use stored procedure in sql server.


Hey ny971181!

Is this question different from the other one?
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<form name=frmSearch action='search.asp' method=post>
<input name=txtCity value="">
<select name=selState>
<option value='FL'>Florida
<input type=submit name=btnNav value='Search'>


option explicit

dim city, state

city = request("txtCity")
state = request("selState")
strSQL = "SELECT ..... FROM Blah WHERE City = '" & city & "' AND State = '" & state & "' ORDER BY ...."

set rs = server.createobject("adodb.recordset")
rs.open strSQL,"databaseDSN"
do while not rs.eof

is that what you want?
ny971181Author Commented:
In the case you mention, you won't get the right recordset if you don't put in any state because the sqlstatement still has the state = "" in it.
any better idea?

I think u can try this
This is an addition to PBall's answer

dim firstCriteria
dim secCriteria

city = request("txtCity")
state = request("selState")
firstCriteria = ""
secCriteria = ""
if city<> "" then
   firstCriteria= " City = '" & city & "' "
end if
if state <> "" then
   if firstCriteria <> "" then
      secCriteria = " AND State = '" & state & "' "
      secCriteria = " State = '" & state & "' "
   end if
end if

strSQL = "SELECT ..... FROM Blah WHERE " & firstCriteria & secCriteria & " ORDER BY ...."

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