Multiline per record grid control sought

I'm after a grid control which will display/edit edit a number of lines per record, similar to Access Forms Continuous form mode. The records should have distinctive lines separating them, different from the lines separating the lines within the reocrd.
None of the grid controls supplied with VB5 can do this, and Truegrid V5 can't cut it either - it's record seaparators are not distinctive and they proudly admit it.
Truegrid is a fool of a thing to navigate with tab and arrow keys. I'm looking for something superior.

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DennisHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you need to use is the DataRepeater control in VB6.  There's an excellent article on how to use it in "Visual Basic Programmer's Journal" Nov. 1998 edition.  See page 63, column 1.

To summarize the process, you first create an ActiveX control that has your text boxes arranged on it.  Read and write to the text boxes by creating properties on the control. Example:

Public Property Get FirstName() as string
  FirstName = txtFirstName.Text
End Property
Public Property Let FirstName(ByVal strValue as string)
  txtFirstName.Text = strValue
  PropertyChanged "FirstName"
End Property

Next set the property attributes.  Select Procedure Attributes from the Tools menu.  Check the "property is data bound" and the "Show in DataBindings collection.." check boxes.  Compile the OCX.

In another project, add a form and place an ADO Data control on it.  Bind the data control to your data source.  Put a DataRepeater control on your form and bind it to the ADO Data control.  Set the RepeatedControlName of the DataRepeater to the class name of your new OCX.  Right click on the DataRepeater and open the properties page.  Set the RepeaterBindings to bind the OCX to the DataRepeater.  Now you have something that approximates an Access subform.

Just as a note, our company is working on a product that will automate this process between Access and VB.  Visit our web site at for more information.
The only other one I have to recommend is Sheridan.
The only grid that I know of that may have the features you're after is the Janus grid.  A trial version can be downloaded at:

Good luck!
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ozphilAuthor Commented:

I have just looked at the Janus control and it's not what I want.

These users have to have a grid:

x1        1     34     56     78
l_x1     67d    5t     58     78  
h5       78            56    
l_h5     OFF    45     78      

where x1, l_x1 come from the same record, separated from the other pairs with a distinctive line. And fully navigable/editable with arrow keys and tab. There are hundreds of records so it has to have a high speed interface.

I'll be looking at sheridan.
ozphilAuthor Commented:
I can' t see a Sheridan control that will do it.

The Microsoft Access Continuous forms mode is unique and I would like  third party control for VB5/6 seems to match it's ability to provide a number of lines per record, with distinctive lines between records.

Use Apex TrueDBGrid it allows for multiline.  Maybe DBGrid will enable you to do multi-line (it is by Apex as well)

ozphilAuthor Commented:
I have already rejected Truegrid in my question. Its navigation is too cumbersome and it does not provide distinctive lines between records.
ozphil, VB6 has a continuous subform control. It works rather well. To use it, you *must* use the ADO data control, and make your subform a separate OCX. Let me know if you would like more info.
ozphilAuthor Commented:

I am interested yes.

We have Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition on order, and am currently developing this application in Access97.

I'm using a lot of DAO between a 'client' and 'data' Access databases.

Can I use ADO between VB and Access(Jet) database.

In any case I am interested in the OCX and hope that it provides sufficent events and properties etc to make it a useful 'grid'

ozphilAuthor Commented:
Thanks dennis. Tomook also supplied the answer first as a comment, so who gets what?

Your reference to the VB Journal articel is useful. I'll look at the article if I can get hold of the magazine article.


tomook and I own the same company.  It doesn't matter to me about which of us gets the points.  Happy Holidays!
Give it to Dennis. He gave the technical details.
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