Maximum Characters in a Listbox?

Can someone tell me if there is a maximum numbers of characters that a line in a list can display - and what the max is?
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carttiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The maximum number of characters per line for a listbox is 1024.

If you try to add a string greater than that length to a listbox, it will only hold the first 1024 characters.
It's 64K in C++. In VB I don't know. But what is your problem?
 1000 or so characters work without any problem. More becomes useless.
spatel121798Author Commented:
I have designed a utility in VB which reads a text file into a list and strips off certain words from each line etc. I am reading the file into a list - but one sentence can be 2kb - and ive noticed that it gets truncated - because you said it can only hold 1kb. Is there a way round this?

And are there other ways of reading in files that can do specific searches per sentence?
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spatel121798Author Commented:
Please can someone help me.
I'll have a think about first point.

With searches, are you talking about searching a word within a sentence, or a sentence within a file ?
Why not split the line every 1000 characters
spatel121798Author Commented:
here is an example of one of my sentences:

<Message:<GroupId:123456><Id:1><Num:11375><Date:17-Apr-1997><Time:14:39:38><Expiry:90><TranStartNum:11239><Collection:TrainingMessage><ObjectName:A_EPOSSProducts1_3011><DateChangeList:<Date:<DateName:StartDate><Type:1>>><Data:<Collection:_EPOSSProducts><ObjectName:3011_00><StartDate:16-June1997> <EndDate:><RData:<Data:<PN:3011><SN:Blu Wat><LN:Blue Sea Water><RN:Blue SeaWater><FP:False><RP:><MV:1.00><SE:In><AS:False><MnV:1.00><MxV:45.00><MnQ:1><MxQ:1><RcptNo:2><SR:True><MP:0><V:0><RV:True><RT:7><RA:APS><SI:TrainingAPScardscheme><IA:><PM:<L1:><L2:3026><L3:3006><L4:3013><L5:3017>><SM:><I:False><ST:><DEP:E><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Numeric><D:><Max:6><Min:0><VM:><N:APSSEQ><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<P:TokenType:><F:*><S:Alphanumeric><D:><Max:10><Min:0><VM:><N:TT><C:><O:0><A:Display><SD:<Option:<Text:MagCard><Key:1>><Option:<Text:BarCode><Key:2>>>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Date><D:><Max:8><Min:0><VM:><N:AD><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Numeric><D:><Max:6><Min:0><VM:><N:CA><C:><O:0><<AdditionalData:<P:Method of Payment:><F:*><S:Options><D:><Max:6><Min:0><VM:><N:MoP><C:MethodPayment><O:99><A:Display><SD:<Option:<Text:Cash><Key:0>><Option:<Text:Cheque><Key:1>>>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><D:><Max:4><Min:0><VM:><N:SVC><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Numeric><D:><Max:40><Min:0><VM:><N:CuR><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><D:><Max:4><Min:0><VM:><N:CID><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><D:><Max:2><Min:0><VM:><N:SG><C:><O:0><A:None><SD:>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><Max:10><Min:1><N:TI><O:0><A:None>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><Max:24><Min:1><N:TD><O:0><A:None>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><Max:24><Min:1><N:CN><O:0><A:None>><AdditionalData:<F:*><S:Alphanumeric><Max:10><Min:1><N:TV><O:0><A:None>>>>><Version:1><CRC:C620E1DD>>

basically in this example i am searching for the word "collection" and deleting everything before it. I am also searching for other words in the sentence and stripping off everything after it.

if i was to split the lines up - how would i go about doing it. currently the code i am using to input the file is:

Do While Not EOF(fh) ' Loop until end of file.
    Line Input #fh, textline ' Read line into variable.
    FrmDisplay!List1.AddItem textline    

Thanks for the help!

spatel121798Author Commented:
Also, is there a way of putting a horizontal scroll on my listbox so that i can see the complete sentence?
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