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how to install enlightenment

pls help me.
i would like to install enlightenment like steelsky but i don't know how to do it.
my first problem is that i could not follow what the readme file give me... so i untar the file and put into a directory
what should i do ?  I can't "make" cos' there is no makefile.  
If u got any other easier way of installing pls tell me...
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1 Solution
yueweng2Author Commented:
by the way my system is redhat 5.1
I don't know how to install my sound card in linux too!!!
How do I use my cdrom in my linux
where did you get enlightenment from?
the only reason I ask is that their web page said that you need
to download some other files along with enlightenment.
that was the last time I was on thier.
what kind of soundcard is it?
now for your cdrom, some distributions have a directory called
cdrom. if not make it,
then in your /etc/fstab put in your drive info
mine is setup like this
/dev/hdd   /cdrom              iso9660  ro,noauto,user 0 0

/dev/hdd because my cdrom is on the second IDE interface and set to slave.

/cdrom this is were my drive will be mounted.

/is09660 this is the type of file system.

I hope this helps let me know what happens
Since you're using Redhat, there's no reason to bother with the source versions of it. Go to your nearest mirror and download these files :


for sound,


you may also need the gtk+perl...rpm file... I was asked for it, even though it is 'optional'.

I have shortened the file names above 'cos I;m lazy like that ;-).

Once you have downloaded all the above, to install them type:

rpm -ivh xxx.rpm

where xxx.rpm is the rpm file you are going to install. THE ENLIGHTENMENT RPM MUST BE THE LAST ONE, OR ELSE YOU WILL GET SEVERAL ERROR MESSAGES.
If you have any trouble, try adding --force to the command line. ie:

rpm -ivh --force xxx.rpm

To configure sound in Redhat, use the sndconfig utility (just type sndconfig on the command line.

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yueweng2Author Commented:
I have try to install using your method gravity, but it does work...
after rpm all the files and come to the enlightenment......I start rpm the enlightenment file
then it response to messages like:

                                             imlib>=1.6 is need by enlightenment-0.14-1
                                             libFblib.so.0 is...........
                                             libungif.so.3 is ..............

then when i restartx the next time......... i can't startup any other program except for my shell........ what should i do...........pls help
You did leave the enlightenment rpm file 'til last, didn't you ?

Also, do you mean that the only program that comes up when you start x is the xterm program ?
A thought : Are you using the latest versions of all these. I ask, because you state that your computer requests versions of imlib greater than 1.6 .
This is a long winded comment but I hope that it helps.
If you're having problems getting Enlightenment to compile, it is most likely that you haven't built/installed some of the libraries that it needs.
I have the same version of RedHat and got Enlightenment going without any modifications on any source.
Look at the page;
Download all of the packages that you see listed there (either src or rpm).
If you download the src packages, for RedHat5.1, they are usually as easy to build as;
   make install
in the 'root' directory of each of the source code packages that is created when you untar them.
This will (usually) install the packages/libraries in your /usr/local/lib directory.
Once you have all of the packages built and in the right place, you can go ahead and do the same for Enlightenment.  I built V.014 the same as I mentioned above.
There is one dependency that you'll need Before you try to build Enlightenment (and maybe some of the packages).
The /etc/ld.so.conf file tells the linker where to look for libraries that the source files request. RedHat5.1 doesn't put /etc/local/lib in there for you so you'll have to do that yourself.  Make sure that there's a carriage return (ie. push enter) after you type in the path to your newly built libs just to be safe.
If you don't want to do that, just move all the libs to your /usr/lib/ directory.
If you're using X11, open an xterm, type in enlightenment, and a window should come whipping out asking you if you'd like to start your next X11 session with Enlightenment.
If I'm missing something, tell me.
Hope it gets ya going,
Good Luck
I agree with you about the /etc/ld.so.conf file, but the whole idea about the rpm file type is that you shouldn't have to do anything other than run that program once.

Just out of interest, you did download the files ending in .i386.rpm as opposed to .src.rpm ?
I downloaded a bunch of tgz files.
rpm usually installs libraries in /usr/lib/.
If Enlightenment says that it can't find the libraries check to see if they are actually in /usr/lib.  If they are there, rpm might not have set up the symbolic links to files.
  if you have Imlib1.7 installed in /usr/lib, you should have:
  - libImlib.so.1.7.0 --> the library
  - libImlib.so.1     --> link to the library
  - libImlib.so       --> link to the library
  There should also be a small text file accompanying the library with a '.sa' extension which names dependencies, version info, etc.  If all of these files have been created, Enlightenment should see the library.

Alternatively, I would like to add that you might want to consider waiting a few months before installing E.  Gnome 1.0 is slated to be released this spring (possibly with the next RedHat release ?)  Rumor has it that Elightenment 0.15 should be released sometime around then.  The reason that I mention this, is that E14 is not the most feature rich window manager (frustratingly so, sometimes) and instead of going through this hassle right now, you might want to wait until the 0.15 release comes out.  Hopefully, in about 3 or 4 months, they'll have one big Gnome1.0/Enlightenment 0.15 rpm all set up, and you won't have to struggle with all of this stuff.  Sometimes the best answer to a problem is waiting.  
just a thought.....
good luck either way.
I think you will have to run "./configure" on the enlightement directory
firtst, then if everithing goes well, run "make" and "make install".
After that, edit the xinit to change the old window manager for the
enlightenment; it is usually on /usr/X11R6/bin.
Make sure when u compile (at the moment of run "make") to have all the libs
necesary to make it (probably if there was any lib missing, in the "./configure" step
will appear this fail).
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