A void question.

What is the psychology of experts answering million dollar questions in experts-exchange?

No offence meant.

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polimetlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to start chat session please find some other place.
You wasted my time.

Thank you,
Bhavani P Polimetla.
I would say its great fun.
I it is fun, it is just nice to know that you helped someone in need and that you have help with their progress of this language.
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If there were really a million $ for a question I would answer it...

as most questions do not have this monetary reward, I only answer questions that I either (a) immediately know the answer to, or (b) i find the question interesting and challenging enough to find out the answer.

EE is fun, and I learn lots.  A million $ would however be appreciated....you can send a cash or a banker's draft to me :-)
It's a sickness. For some reason, I'm compelled to help total strangers. Even though they're normally very ungrateful, and sometimes downright abusive. Even though I get nothing to show for it.

It makes no sense and can't be raitonalized.

EE is nice because it keeps _some_ of the riff-raff out; it's nothing nearly as bad as USENET, for example, or the unmoderated mailing lists.

B ekiM

I would agree with all others - but there's something to add. As Answers2000 already stated, you learn a lot, but also is a good training (or should i say 'excercise'? ;-).
I think it happens often to all others here, too, to simply see a question and think: 'Hey, i solved this a few years ago, how did i do it then?'....
Programmers get programming problems that would drive normal fellows insane, so we basically come here and help one another stay sane


leena_maryAuthor Commented:

I am sending you a million $ worth thanks! Count if u can!

Thanks a lot. Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.


leena_maryAuthor Commented:
Dear Brother/Sister polimetla,

Cool! You see,  there is no offence meant to anybody in my question. If I had asked this question in some other site, I
would not have had such honest comments from the real experts.

You do not know, my question will only help people participate
in EE with more enthusiasm and devotion.

My original intention was not to start a debate on the subject.
Therefore I accept your answer for the sake of closing the question. You get no points!

To you all who contribute in EE, a very happy and prosperous
New Year  from Leena Mary John.



Bhavani P Polimetla - YOU wasted YOUR time and OUR time by throwing in such a stupid comment ...
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