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no irq left

how can i manage to set up DMA addresses manually?
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1 Solution
I t depends on the hardware.  Please describe it.

Also, if the problem is IRQs as the question name suggests, you can disable unused COM ports on your motherboard, and/or disable an unused IDE channel  Please post a list of your IRQ assignments.
To set up DMA and IRQ use manually, you goto to the device manager tab  Right click (My Computer select properites  and choose device manager tab).  Select the device in question and then select properties.  This will bring up a box for that device.  Select the resources tab.  Unselect (uncheck) the box "Use automatic settings" then click onthe DMA address you want to change.  

Take care that you do not cause resource conflicts with other devices which would be noted in the window where you are changing the DMA.

You didn't specify the hardware you are using so I gave you the generic procedure for Plug and Play devices. If your device is older you may need to set jumpers on it.

Altough this was not your initial question, I suggest you post the description of your hardware and tell us what you are trying to do before you do it.  We may be able to provide additional help with the specific problem you are trying to fix or setting you want to change.  The settings you mention can really mess up your computer if you do them wrong.

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ceveAuthor Commented:
I'll send you some 3000 characters containing additional information, I know how to get into changing DMA addresses manually but I don't know what figures to put inside. Thanks for the moment.
I will watch for the additional data and help in any way I can.

ceveAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Here is some Additional data.
First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I have a French system. I can't print on LPT1
1. Problem description and solution trials
2. Hardware
3. The bios
4. Conflicts as seen by windows95B
5. What I have tried to do
6. Any ideas?
1. Problem description and solution trials
I can't print on LPT1
It seems like there are no IRQ left for printing.
solution trials:
- change the modem IRQ : all possible options get in conflict either with LPT1, either with the sound card.
- change the sound card IRQ : The only place it can be moved to, is IRQ 10, if I do so, there is no more net.
- print towards the net. It works, but with this solution, I have to use two computers.
Is there a way to set up DMA addresses manually?
2. Hardware
CM VXPRO+ (not sure, I can read VT82C586A et VT82C585VP, Taiwan) it has 3 ports ISA et 4 ports PCI
In slot PCI1 : nothing
In slot PCI2 : nothing
In slot PCI3 : video card Matrox Mystique 2Mo PCI
In slot PCI4 : net card Winbond W89C940F
In slot SL1 : SCSI card Texram DC-390T
In slot SL2 : Modem card Olitec 28800
In slot SL3 : sound Card Sound Blaster AWE 32 PnP

64 RAM
Pentium Intel 166 processor
Monitor Mitac 15"
Hard Drive IDE Quantum 6725 ATMB 2,1 Go
Hard Drive SCSI IBM DCAS-32160 2,1 Go

Power Supply Advance 230W
CDRom Reader IDE Créative 8x with a Samsung motor
CDRom Writer SCSI Matshita CD-R CW-7502
Microsoft PS2 Mouse
Bubble Jet Printer HP500

OS : WINDOWS 95 "4.00.950B" Directx 6
Date (mm:dd:yy) : Wed, Dec 20 1998
Time (hh:mm:ss) : 06 : 46 : 24
Prim. Master : User 2112 1023   64 0  4091  63 LBA
Prim. Slave  : None    0    0    0 0     0   0 -
Sec.  Master : None    0    0    0 0     0   0 -
Sec. Slave   : None    0    0    0 0     0   0 -

Drive A : 1.44M, 3.5 in.
Drive B : None

Video : EGA/VGA
Halt On : All Errors

Base Memory:        640K
Extended Memory : 64512K
Other Memory:       384K
Total Memory:     65536K

Virus Warning               : Disabled
CPU Internal Cache          : Enabled
External Cache              : Enabled
Quick Power On Self Test    : Enabled
Boot Sequence               : A,C,SCSI
Swap Floppy Drive           : Disabled
Boot Up Floppy Seek         : Disabled
Boot Up NumLock Status      : On
Boot Up System Speed        : High
Gate A20 Option             : Fast
Typematic Rate Setting      : Disabled
Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec)  : 6
Typematic Delay (Msec)      : 250
Security Option             : Setup
IDE Second Channel Control  : Enabled
PS/2 mouse function control : Enabled
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop       : Disabled
Assign IRQ For VGA          : Disabled
OS Select For DRAM > 64MB   : Non-OS2
Video BIOS Shadow  : Enabled
C8000-CBFFF Shadow : Disabled
CC000-CFFFF Shadow : Disabled
D0000-D3FFF Shadow : Disabled
D4000-D7FFF Shadow : Disabled
D8000-DBFFF Shadow : Disabled
DC000-DFFFF Shadow : Disabled

DRAM Auto Configuration : Disabled
DRAM Timing Control     : Normal
Cache Timing            : Fast
Video BIOS Cacheable    : Disabled
System BIOS Cacheable   : Disabled
Fast DRAM Decoding      : Disabled
OnChip USB              : Disabled

Power Management  : Disable
PN Control by APM : Yes
Video Off Option  : Suspend -> Off
Video Off Method  : Blank Screen
Conserve Mode     : Disabled
MODEM Use IRQ     : 7
     ** PM Timers **
HDD Power Down : Disable
Doze Node      : Disable
Suspend Mode   : Disable
     ** PM Events **
VGA                 : OFF
LPT & COM           : LPT/COM
HDD & FDD           : OFF
DMA/master          : OFF
Primary INTR        : ON
IRQ3 (COM 2)        : Primary
IRQ4 (COM 1)        : Primary
IRQ5  (LPT 2)       : Primary
IRQ6  (Floppy Disk) : Primary
IRQ7  (LPT 1)       : Primary
IRQ8  (RTC Alarm)   : Disabled
IRQ9  (IRQ2 Redir)  : Secondary
IRQ10 (Reserved)    : Secondary
IRQ11 (Reserved)    : Secondary
IRQ12 (PS/2 Mouse)  : Primary
IRQ13 (Coprocessor) : Primary
IRQ14 (Hard Disk)   : Disabled
IRQ15 (Reserved)    : Disabled

PNP OS Installed         : Yes
Resources Controlled By  : Manual
Reset Configuration Data : Disabled
IRQ-3  assigned to       : Legacy ISA
IRQ-4  assigned to       : Legacy ISA
IRQ-5  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
IRQ-7  assigned to       : Legacy ISA
IRQ-9  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
IRQ-10 assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
IRQ-11 assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
IRQ-12 assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
IRQ-14 assigned to       : Legacy ISA
IRQ-15 assigned to       : Legacy ISA
DMA-0  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
DMA-1  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
DMA-3  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
DMA-5  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
DMA-6  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
DMA-7  assigned to       : PCI/ISA PnP
PCI Dynamic Bursting     : Disabled
PCI Master 0 WS Write    : Enabled
PCI IRQ Actived By       : Edge
  Primary IDE INT#       : A
  Secondary IDE INT#     : B

OnChip IDE First Channel  : Enabled
OnChip IDE Second Channel : Enabled
IDE Prefetch Mode         : Disabled
IDE Primary Master PIO    : Auto
IDE Primary Slave  PIO    : Auto
IDE Secondary Master PIO  : Auto
IDE Secondary Slave  PIO  : Auto
IDE Primary Master UDMA   : Disabled
IDE Primary Slave UDMA    : Disabled
IDE Secondary Master UDMA : Disabled
IDE Secondary Slave UDMA  : Disabled
Onboard FDD Controller    : Enabled
Onboard Serial Port 1     : COM1/3F8
Onboard Serial Port 2     : COM2/2F8
Onboard Parallel Port     : 378/IRQ7
Onboard Parallel Mode     : SPP/SPP
IR Function               : Unused

4. CONFLICTS AS SEEN BY WIN95 (This section is in frenchglish), I'm very sorry.
? Autre périphériques
  ?! PCI Ethernet Controller
Contrôleurs de disque dur
  X  contrôleur IDE Creative labs
Périphériques système
  ! Carte d'extension pour BIOS PnP
Ports (COM & LPT)
  X Port imprimante (LPT1)

Affichage des ressources
- Requête d'interruption (IRQ) VUS PAR WIN95 :
00 Horloge système
01 Standard 101/102 touches ou Microsoft Natural Keyboard
02 Contrôleur d'interruptions programmable
03 Port de communication (COM2)
04 Port de communication (COM1)
05!Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play
06 Contrôleur de disquette standard
07 Port de communication (COM3)
07!Port imprimante (LPT1)
08 CMOS système/Horloge temps réel
09!Winbond W89C940 PCI Ethernet Adapter
10 Holder IRC pour Steering PCI
10?PCI Ethernet Controller
11 Holder IRQ pour Steering PCI
11 Tekram DC-390 PCI SCSI Adapter
12 Port souris compatible PS/2
13 Coprocesseur arithmétique
14 (Contrôleur standard double PCI IDE)
14 Contrôleur IDE primaire (fifo simple)
15 (Contrôleur standard double PCI IDE)
15 Contrôleur IDE secondaire (fifo simple)

Accès direct à la mémoire (DMA)
! 00 Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play
  02 Contrôleur de disquette standard
  04 Contrôleur d'accès direct en mémoire
! 05 Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play

! 00000000-0009FFFF Indisponible pour l'utilisation par des périphériques
  000A0000-000AFFFF Matrox MGA Mystique
  000B0000-000BFFFF Matrox MGA Mystique
  000C0000-000C7FFF Matrox MGA Mystique
  000C8000-000C99FF Tekram DC-390 PCI SCSI Adapter
  000C9A00-000C9FFF Indisponible pour l'utilisation par des périphériques
! 000E0000-000FFFFF Carte d'extension pour BIOS PnP
! 00100000-01FFFFFF Carte d'extension pour BIOS PnP
  02000000-03FFFFFF Indisponible pour l'utilisation par des périphériques
  E0000000-E07FFFFF Matrox MGA Mystique
  E0800000-E0FFFFFF Matrox MGA Mystique
  E1000000-E1003FFF Matrox MGA Mystique
! FFFE0000-FFFFFFFF Carte d'extension pour BIOS PnP

E/S with !
! 0220-022F Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play
! 0300-0301 Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play
! 0300-031F Winbond W89C940 PCI Ethernet Adapter
! 03BC-03BF Port imprimante (LPT1)
? 6300-631F PCI Ethernet Controller

Is there a way to keep these components and be able to print on LPT1, get sounds and be on the net?
Perhaps by setting DMA addresses manually, in that case, which figures are the best?
Or, should I change the OS? Which one would be better? Windows98 or Windows NT + SP 4? Sorry, I don't feel like getting into OS2 or Linux for the moment.
Thanks in advance.
Cecilia Velderrain
I think you can solve your problem by freeing some resources that are used, but not needed.  In your system BIOS disable any unused COM ports.  You may need to also disable those COM ports in Windows device manager. Go to the device manager tab and check the box "disable in this hardware profile" for any unused COM ports.   In most cases this is both of them.  The most common exception is a port that has a serial mouse connected to it.  

It appears that you can't print on LPT1 because there is a device conflict with COM3 which is probably your modem.  Disabling it may permit it to move to a better location.

Based on what I see you also do not have any devices connected to your seconday IDE controller channel. You may be able to disable the secondary IDE channed in your system SETUP.  If there are no devices on this channel you don't need to have it enabled.  Set it to diabled.

Try this and let me know if it helps.  You should have no trouble with all the devices you use working together.  .


By the way, I know a little french and can figure out most of it.   You english is fine.
Also, it looks as if your problem really is with the IRQ allocations. Lets focus on these for now.  Also, it appear that some of your IRQs are set for legacy cards and not plug and play.  This may be causing problems but this may resove if you disable them.

ceveAuthor Commented:
I'll give a try to see what happens and I'll keep you informed. Thanks once again.
ceveAuthor Commented:
I guess it is too difficult for me. You can close the call now.
I'll leave it as it was because it took me some hours to bring my
modem back to earth... by bringing things back to where they were
Thanks anyway. I'll just buy an external modem.
Cecilia Velderrain

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