Stopping other services after receiving STOP_SERVICE signal

I am writing a service.
When my service receives SERVICE_STOP or SERVICE_SHUTDOWN
signal, it is notifying the SCM that it is stopping,
and starts the stopping procedure.

In the stopping procedure,
it should stop another service. For example (c code):

system("net stop wins");

but when I do that, it does not work.
Any other command line would work, but stopping a service
just gets stuck.

Where have I gone wrong ?
Is there a special way to stop a service from inside service stopping procedure ?

Sorry I can't give more points.
That's all I got left.
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abesoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is in the service control manager, which is the process that called into your service with a SHUTDOWN message.  It is only able to handle one transaction at a time, and it is currently calling you.  If you try to ask it to shut down another service (which is what your system(...) call does in the end) then it won't be able to.

Try returning from the request, and then doing the system() call.  You may need to have an external routine to do the actual work (I have no idea what architecture you're using.)
You can use the ControlService() API with the SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP control to stop the service (if you got the privilage).

By the way, this is not a "C" question.   You should have asked it in the "Windows" programming area.
krameroAuthor Commented:
Hi alexo.
I am familiar with this API call.

What I am looking for is an explanation for the fact that
a script running NET STOP <service name> gets stuck.

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The problem why your script gets stuck is that a service doesn't have the rights to access (and therefore execute) a script - this is a common problem with services that aren't assigned to run under a certain account. Two ways to overcome this: Assign your service to account manually (using the control panel) or use 'LogonUser()' and 'ImpersonateLoggedOnUser()' to accomplish this...
krameroAuthor Commented:
My service secceeds to run the script.
Everything in the script is OK until the NET STOP <...>.
If I take off the NET STOP command everything runs fine.
So I guess access is not the problem.
Maybe it has something to do with the SCM.
krameroAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 85
Well, i still think that it is a privilege problem (e.g. insufficiant rights for a service to execute 'net.exe'). Try to assign the service to a user account, and then let's see ;-)
>> Try to assign the service to a user account
Also make sure that the account has the "run as service" privilege.
>>Also make sure that the account has the "run as service"
alexo, you're right of course ;-)

krameroAuthor Commented:
Assigning the service to a user account with "run as service"
didn't work.
Using ServiceControl (Openning SCM etc...)
didn't work too.

It looks like from inside a stopping procedure of a service,
you can not ask to stop other services.
I don't know why!
and I can't find any documentation.

By the way -
Dependent Services wont help me in this case,
Don't ask me why. It's too long to explain...

I just need to find out how to stop a service from a stopping service...
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