Windows problems shutdown

My friend got a problem...Everytimes that he shut down,
The screen turn blue and he receive this error message:
A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:c002EEED in
+ 0000DFC9. The current application will be terminated.
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Does this apply?

Errors When Shutting Down Windows with Compaq FX-Series Monitors -

When you try to shut down your Windows 98-based computer with a Compaq FX-series monitor, you may receive the following error message, or one similar to it:  A Fatal Exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C001AEEB.

CAUSE This behavior can occur because the version of Universal-Serial Bus support software included with some FX-series monitors is not fully compatible with Windows 98.  RESOLUTION To resolve this issue, obtain and install the most current version of the Universal-Serial Bus support software for FX-series monitors from Compaq. For information about how to do so, contact Compaq, or view the documentation included with your monitor or computer.

Full text is at
See (for another problem that sound very similar to what you describe (Is the Vnetsup.vxd file missing)

To do much more than this, we need to know a lot more about the hardware: machine, cards, type of drives, etc

We also need to know what  operating system is in  use, and the history of the problem.  When did it start? Was it woking fine then stopped working?  Was any new hardware or software installed?


  Try disabling fastshutdown, and see if that solves your problem.
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Magic, it sounds as though your friend has either of two problems. Either their is a problem in one chip on a memory module (16MB to 32MB system), or he has accidentally damaged the new NTKernal that has been installed with the new Windows 98 architecture.

The following will rule out the install problem.

1. Have you friend check the windows 98 emergency disk that was created when he/she installed 98, or create a new one. Make sure to check it to make sure that the system boots with it and make sure there is cd rom drive access when its used. Verify that a cd rom disk can be accessed from the DOS prompt.

2. Next, boot the system into windows 98. Click Start, Find Files, and Folders and search for all occurrences of nt*.* using the wildcard * as noted. Jot down their locations on a pad for reference. Now reboot the system into safe mode.

3. While in safemode, use find files and folders again, search the same way, and delete each one you locate. Since I don't know how the system was installed or configured, some will be deleted, while windows may be using others. Note the ones that were not deleted for the next step.

4. Reboot the system to the dos prompt. Go to the respective directories where the files are that remain to be deleted and delete them.

5. Insert the Windows 98 startup disk and reboot the system. A hard reset if necessary. Insert the windows 98 cd rom disk and reinstall windows 98 normally.

6. After the reinstall, again check the system, especially the shutdown. If your getting the same problem, let me know and I'll help you do a memory check.


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magicbuddyAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to do a memory check before, I trying to avoid re-installing Windows.
It is a brand new system:
Pentium 2   350mhz
64 ram
I already had problems with his scanner (UMAX) I had to patch it.
I also had problems of compatibility with is graphic card Millennium G200, I had to exchange it for A Monster Fusion and I also had to patch couple of games...

At this point, I think that he is starting to lose confident.


Magic, usually the memory issue is limited to systems having 16 to 32MB. This particular system has 64MB and is less likely a candidate for the problem. The reload would not be nearly the difficulty you perceive, as Windows 98 doesn't retain the reload flaws of 95. If you've added patches, and those patches do not involve basic OS files installed by Win98, you won't have a problem.
I will add my voice to that of dew_associates.  A Windows 98 reinstall will rarely mess up your system.  It will reinstall your windows system files, rebuilding some that are not on the disk.  It reinitializes your hardware configuration and sets critical system settings back to their original values.  It will not change your installed program base and it will not undo non-system critical system values.  To get a minimal amount of changes you should look under add/remove software and note the comonents that are installed.  Then spend 45 minutes or so doing the reinstall with those same components, only 10 minutes of which you will need to sit in front of the screen.

I am not arguing that this will fix your problem (though if dew_associates thinks it will I believe you have a very good chance).  I am saying that if you want to try a reinstall, it is really not a big deal and is a pretty low risk.

magicbuddyAuthor Commented:
Thanx to every one who try to help us.

But I had to take it by the beginning, so I decided to unplug all the periferics (except for the monitor & the keyboard)and try to shutdown.
The ERROR message was gone.

So I tried to plug all the periferics one by one and doing shutdown in between and I found out that It was the MICROSOFT SideWinder freestyle pro (game pad) plug in the USB port that was causing the error, so now it is plug in the sound card and it is working fine. No more error messages at shutdown!!!

Thanx again

And By the way I give you your 50 points.
Great, it souds like you used a very sound troubleshooting approach.

Magic, well done! Thank you for the points, but I am recommending that Experts Exchange refund them to you!
I have added the points back to your account per Dennis's request.  

Linda Gardner
Customer Service @ Experts Exchange
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