networking problem

Good afternoon, everybody--
First, Merry Xmas and Happy new year to everyone.
I just connected 3 pcs. together, originally I used 2 same
brand NIC and another one different brand, and 2 same brand
NIC's pcs can see each other, other one can not see them and
they can not see him.
This afternoon, I change all the same brand NIC on 3 pcs and re-
install TCP/IP, NetBuei, etc. Now, it still has the same problem 2 can see each other and the other one still stand
alone, can not see them, they can not see him.
Could someone give me any suggestion  I can make it work?
Your comment will be hihgly appreciated.
Tks and best rgds.

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MAVERICKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hope your computer is ok after the format...

If you need further network help (

merry christmas

FormosaAuthor Commented:
By the way, the one stand alone pc when I click neighborhood network icon it shows himself only, workgrop, computer name,etc.
FormosaAuthor Commented:
One more thing--the 3 NIC are pci 32 bit Ethernet adaptor, I use
twist pair rj45 with hub
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Do you have green lights on the NIC hub (the green lights mean the cables are connected properly)????
Does each computer have a unique IP address...... ???

I think your problem is that the workgroups are different... Make sure the workgroup is the same...

Are you able to ping each computer from each other computer?
FormosaAuthor Commented:
First, I thank you two answer my question.
I maybe did not make myself clear, I connected the 3 pcs. using
Win98, not NT server or workstation O/S, I followed the big memory manufacturer's instruction-- Kingston, please refer their web page--, as they promot 3 networking kits for sale.
If I am not wrong, I do not think it is necessary to have IP add
or ping, etc. the lights on the hub are all ok, 3 of them, too.
Now, I intend to share the printer, but network printer can not share it, which connected to the pc. I did follow the Win 98 help
illustr, but the network printer icon is shade color not so clear as the icon on the attached pc.
I have another group, 2 pcs. connected together, one with Intel
NIC and other one with maker name not available 10/100 NIC and they work good, even share printer, no problem at all.
Therefore, I think the problem on the 3pcs. is the NIC.
I am going to see my vender tomorrow and ask for new NIC, maybe more expensive ones to test again, as the 3, all cost me $15 each, maybe quality not so good as Intel one.
After I retest again, I will post the result to let everybody know.
Tks for your att and best rgds,and sorry I can not accept the comment right away, please understand.
P.S. couple weeks ago, I posted a note saying I will pay $20 for
people who buy the software, after 3 of us tested the product, everyone of us have a lot of problem, I think I better not recommand it as I did write a mail to the company ,who develope, complaining their product is badly-designed. I better not post the company name and I am not going to recommand anyone to buy it, too.
Dont worry I don't expect you to answer a question immediately... I recently accepted a answer after a month due to a minor coding error!

It Sounds like the problem is with network setup.. so
1. Ensure Cards are installed properly (no conflicts from device manager..)
2. Remove all protocols except TCP/IP...
3. Ensure  the computers all have a unique IP address... In LAN systems you nearly allways have to assign a static IP address ....

To confirm that a IP address has been assigned I will write and post a application to test that to my website


I've done the app... uploading it now...

FormosaAuthor Commented:
Good evening, Mr. Maverick:
After explaining whole suitation to my vender, he told me try format all H.D. or change a new one and change a new NIC, I follow his instruction, finally it works, now.
I format all H.D. and change a new same brand NIC $15/pc, not Intel, now 3 of them can see one another and can share printer, too, very smoothly.
I am happy I made it and got some more experience, too. I am afraid I have to keep 80pts. to myself.
Meanwhile, I did not change anything, but still follow Kingston's
web page instruction, did not put IP address, etc. all follow its
instruction and it works.
Anyway, I have to thank you for your good comment and do wish you can give me instruction in the future.
Merry Xmas to you and best rgds,
FormosaAuthor Commented:
Now, I have to locked this question as I made it work.
Even if it the problem is solved by other means. ..... It is good manners to accept the best response as a answer.....

Cya in the future...

I believe that what you are looking for is ipx and not tcp/ip.  Sometimes it will take a '95 machine a while to be totally visible on the network.  Be sure to look to the missing computer from the two that are working as well as looking from the computer that isn't working.  '95/'98 are espeacially slow at recognizing computers on the network.  Click on the networking at the bottom of the screen and choose file/printer sharing and choose I want to share my files on the computer that isn't working.  That will install microsoft networking if you didn't already have it.
FormosaAuthor Commented:
Good afternoon, Browndar:

I agree with you that Win98 network really takes a while to see
each other.As I did have this eperience since yesterday. I need
to restart again sometime twice or 3 times, then they can see each other, or have to wait a while then click neighthood again,then can see each other.
The main problem of my pcs. are after I installed NIC drivers, screen show 2 NIC ,even I remove it, still there after restart, so my vender told me to format all H.D.and reinstall again. i think my vender makes sense--he said NIC dirver Window will keep it all the time can not remove or disable, when I reinstall, I think he is right as NIC driver Win need CD for system files and other card Win does not need files from CD, like Modem, and we can remove it anytime we like.
Anyway, I deeply appreciate everybody's help, as my 3 pcs. all work and share printer very smooth, now.

Best rgds, Talk to you next time.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you.

Good afternoon Formosa.

Maverick has given you the correct answer to solve your problem. You should therefore assign him the points accordingly.

If your Vendor suggested that you re-format your hard-drive at the first hint of a network compatability problem, then you should really go and punch him in the teeth.

Happy Xmas

As an afterthought.

Peer to Peer networking on Win98 OSR1 machines definately need TCP/IP static IP addressing for them to work consistantly without problems. Maverick gave you the answer, so give him the points.
I have a computer (Pentium 200 that I need to re-format monthly.. which is a I would not advise reformating as the solution as it may create more problems than it solves.. such as missing DLLs etc...

BTW I replaced the MB in the Pentium hopefully that should help.. But I still have th old one!

I have had bad experiences with kingston cards they don't like some systems or operating systems.
FormosaAuthor Commented:
Mr. Dambruso:
Good morning, I did not use NIC of Kingston,I just followed their instruction on their web page. I used no name NIC $15/per
pc,10/100base 32-bit pci fast Ethernet. I found this NIC pretty good, win98 pick it without installing driver.
You may contact the wholesaler--Network Pro. tel:909-595-8293
Fax--909-5984609 Mrs. Teresa. Their web page--WWW.
I install 8 win98 pcs, very good, pcik right away.
By the way, better buy the comb driver win will ask for it.
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