map a 2d picture onto a 3d object

can you suggest a few software that can map a 2d picture onto a 3d object?

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matth012098Connect With a Mentor Commented:
He rebe

    I have had a look around the web for you and one of the best FREE 3d editors I could find is Genesis 3D and its pretty smart.It's packed with features and get this, its realtime so what you see is what you get and I'm sure it will fulfill your task

You can download Genesis for FREE from

Im assuming you are using either win95/98 or NT although there is a version for 3.1


Most raytracer and rendering programs such as Povray for the
PC's and Lightwave for Silicon Graphics computers can map 2d
images onto 3d objects. In Povray you can also use an image to
specify a height field (3d object representing an array of heights or elevations). I'm not sure what others can do this but
I know Povray can and (if my memory serves me right) so does
rebeAuthor Commented:
good to hear there is a excellent FREE 3d program around.
just wondering if one of the following also do the trick:
adobe dimension 3d
3d max studio
true space
I know 3d max studio does, becuase I use it.
I've never used the other two, but I know truespace does


have you guys tried 4d paint ?
i heard that this software is really powerful
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