Opening saved gameboy games using no$gmb

Using the no$gmb emulator for gameboy, how do you open a saved game.  It is considered the best pokemon emulator.  Tha it what I use it for.  
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omnimikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi arjkar,
to open a saved game, try click on "File", then select "Load snapshot" and choose the filename of the snapshot you've saved OR select "qload" and choose the file, depending if you're in debugger mode or not.
However, you've to "Save snapshot" when you're playing the game in order to be able to load.
When you want to save the game, click on "File", then "Save Snapshot" and choose new file if it's the first time you save and give the file a name OR "qsave" and choose new file then name it.
Note: Saving the game in the game menu doesn't mean you've saved a "snapshot".
Good luck.
I think its F8  or F7 to load
arjkarAuthor Commented:
I press f7 and f8 but it does not open a loading screen
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