How to reinstall Win95 system from backup CDR's

Posted on 1998-12-20
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I have a complete system backup in two CDR's. After formatting the HD how can the system be reinstalled from a dos prompt? I have tried solving the lfn problem by using doslfnbk but the system still wouldn't boot to win95.Is there a good way to restore a system from backup cd's? TIA.
Question by:asgtech

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Normally you would use an application that is provided with the backup software to do the restore work.  EG- Iomega Tools has a 2 disk set that you boot up off that loads the tape drivers and the recovery software for dos and rebuilds the hard drive from teh tape.  So check your manual for the CD-R backup software you are using and see if you can make such disks. If not the solution will be for format, reinstall win98, reinstall backup software, load backup software and select the restore function.  Before the format I would recommend doing an FDISK to removed and receate all partions on your hard drive.  Good luck.

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What was the recording software used for creating the CDR backup?


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If the CDR backup was just done by copying files from the hard drive onto the CD, you should be able to boot to DOS prompt with MSCDEX installed and read the files off the CD.  At that point, you just need to XCOPY the root directory files and C:\WINDOWS onto the hard drive.  Of course, you'll lose the long file names.  Now reboot to the GUI and ignore the error messages.  Now you can copy C:\WINDOWS and all the other folders and keep the long file names.  You'll have to go back and manually delete the 8.3 filenames from within WINDOWS.  
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what brand is it


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1.) copy all file to HD(by dos).

2.) change attribute all file in your HD
C:\>attrib +a *.* /S

3.) sys c:

4.)boot your system again.

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Hello asgtech

if you have an emergency recovery diskette, use it and u can boot your system on 95.

or else get a blank floppy formatted in a windows 95 system and copy the file from windows\command folder and at the prompt type sys c: and reboot your system.

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>>  "Is there a good way to restore a system from backup cd's?"

Answer:  Yes.

Now, we need some feedback from you in order to supply the details.

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first boot up with an emergency disk of some kinda.. boot disk, but make sure that it is made from win95 or your operating system so as to be compatible.

this should allow you to see long file names.. after this you need to ensure that you have the right cd-rom drivers and then load this.. you can find out from your old autoexec.bat or config.sys files on the cdr...

when you get this right.. just copy allthe files across. hopefully you didn't mess with the attributes of the files or anything.. just do a straight copy over of file with your preferred utility.. xcopy blah blah..

you might have to do a sys c: to ensure that you have got the bootable part over..


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What software did you use to backup your hard drive? Was it DirectCD, or a CD mastering software, DirectCD copies files, but they are not accessible through DOS (even with long-filename support i found this out the hard way), only Windows. While CD mastering software (Such as Adaptec EasyCD Creator) allows any computer to read the cd's. also, wehat brand is the writer?

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Start over.
(if I'm stealing somebody elses thunder here please give credit to whoever said this first.

1. Format/s c:  (use a 95 rescue disk or other DOS 7. boot disk)

make sure you can boot to the c: prompt (from the C: drive) before you do anything else.

once that's done, copy the cd roms back on to the Hard drive.

If that fails, don't ask, just reinstall windows from scratch.
you can then attempt to CAREFULLY, SELECTIVELY, one thing at a time, attempt to restore any personal stuff from the roms.
go slow on that. and remember... "SAFE MODE" is your FRIEND!

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I see you have posted answers in many threads that I have participated in.
Please don't lose sight of the fact that E-E is not a race to see who can get the points first.
You might also want to consider that you may have to lead a questioner back from where you've sent him.  (before you suggest format or re-install Windows as an "answer")


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