Three Easy questions, I'm a begginer

Using Visual C++ 6.0
How do I make the backround black on a dialog box?
How do you get the dementions of a bitmap or control?
For example like and Bitmap.left in Visual Basic
How do you play simple sound waves?
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Playing sound

1. To play a .WAV file

     PlaySound( "file.wav", NULL, SND_FILENAME ) ;
     sndPlaySound( "file.wav", 0 ) ;

     for file name make sure you specify the full path.  If you use \ in string literals, then make sure you escape it
     "C:\\WINDOWS\\file.wav"  in C, means "C:\WINDOWS\file.wav" in DOS

     2. To play from resources

     i. Insert a .wav file into your resources
     - Go to resource tree on workspace
     - Right click
     - Pick "Import..."
     - Browse the WAV file
     - Assign an arbitary id, e.g. "IDC_WAVE"

     ii. Play the wave file with
     PlaySound( MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDC_WAVE),  AfxGetResourceHandle(), SND_RESOURCE ) ;

Make sure you #include <mm.h> (e.g. add this to stdafx.h) and link to winmm.lib (project settings)
1. MFC program - background dialog color - stick in InitInstance
SetDialogBkColor( RGB(0,0,0), RGB(255,255,255) ) ; // background to black, text to white (black on black is not to readable :-))

2. Get Dimensions of a bitmap
GetObject( hBitmap, sizeof bm, bm ) ;
// where hBitmap = HBITMAP of the bitmap
// bm.bmWidth and bm.bmHeight hold the bitmap size

3. Get Dimensions of a control
CRect rect ;
pWnd->GetWindowRect( &rect ) ;
// pWnd = the control, if you're in a dialog try
//GetDlgItem( IDC_EDIT )->GetWindowRect( &rect ) ;

coords go into rect in screen units.  Typically you want them in client coords (relative to the window, you can convert to these using)
ScreenToClient( &rect ) ;

3. Playing sound waves - see next comment
Solution 2 and 3 are OK. I have a few queries about solution number. Won't SetDialogBkColor change the background color of all dialog boxes in the application.
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bradsobleskyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help :)
pagla - yes

u r okay with this ?
bradsobleskyAuthor Commented:
I'm not really...I just want the background.But it's better than nothing.
Do you want the background of any particular dialog box of your app to be different?
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