AMD or Pentium?

I have a TX Pro M575 Mainboard with Socket 7. Which is the fastest processor I can use, AMD K6 or Pentium? Is it possible to use an AMD K6 266 MHz or 300MHz on this mainboard? The specification says:

*Supports Pentium 90~300MHz with P54C/P55C (MMX),Cyrix/IBM  6x86, 6x86L, 6x86MX (M2), IDT C6 and AMD K5/K6 CPUs at  60/66/75/83.3 MHz external clockspeed

*Supports Write allocation feature for AMD K6
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juggernautConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can now get a AMD k6-2 400mhz as long as you get a bios update from the manufacture of your motherboard, this can be done on the net by downloading the update from the manufactures site, otherwise you most likey can get a AMD k6-2 300mhz
the only problem is your bus speed can only support upto 83.3mhz so you wont being getting full potential
juggernaut, they've release the K6-2 at 400mhz?
yes they have, depending where you live, i live in good old Australia and we lag behind a bit and its been released here, very soon the k6-3 will be out and that will give intel a big hit
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It's nice to see something other than Intel or MicroSoft do well. I'm looking into the K6-2 myself.
tell me about it, im looking forward on getting the k6-3 450
Wouldnt running that board at > 66 Mhz overclock the PCI bus! You may find that some cards fail to work. Also you may experience ram problems.
Ive heard that overclocking the Celeron A 300s gives you good performance on a budget....

Remember K6-2s require a super7 board to work effectively...
that has a 100 Mhz systems bus...

83.3 MHz external clockspeed <<<===== ok here it is the math. 83.3X4=333.12MHZ
good enough for an AMD-k2 333 (95MHZ) the FSB jumper has to be 4.X83.3.
then the voltage set to 2.2V. and get the latest BIOS update. get PC100 SDRAM SPD. if possible invest in the ECC PC100. will be better and make sure that be DOUBLE DENSITY.
now there is 2 type of AMD, AMD  and AMD-k6-2, they are different in voltage. now it depends in your motherboard that supports the right voltage.

Let me know if you need more help. I know exactly what you need.
I would definitly go with the AMD K6-2.. I have a AMDk6-2 333 and it blow away my PII 400 hands down. And my PII has the better video card and the fast Pc100-8ns memory.. My AMD only has the 10ns dram..
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