my windows95 mprexe.exe keeps on giving me errors.  I have removed the passwords file I have tried three different dates od mprexe.exe I am on the a network novel bindery and NDS tree at the same time I do have office 97 loaded and ie 4.  Is their a copy or version of mprexe.exe that will not keep droping off.  I have talk with others around the world and we are all hveing the same problem with this mprexe.exe.  Where can I go to get one that is writen to stay up in Win95.
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are you using an ESS 1869 sound card?
asdf1234567890Author Commented:
NO I am running on a IBM 600 ThinkPad with CrystalPnP Audio System
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Ok you need the update for the drivers. this sound system has a bug. go to the IBM website and look for the driver of the sound card for your thinkpad model.
asdf1234567890Author Commented:
Sorry, but I have just down loaded the sound card updated and its still poping up MPREXE This program has preformed and illegal operation and will be shut down.  Itis happing from with in 5 min.s to 30 min.s after I have rebooted and login to the network.
asdf1234567890Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Have you looked at the video driver?  MPR stands for multiple protocol router, so any driver could be causing it, typeically though, it is either passwords lists, the network driver, or video driver.  If you are using novell, client 32, i would do what I call a merciless rip out of it, and reinstall it.  Run Unc32 to uninstall it.  Restart the PC in DOS mode, deltree the c:\novell directory.  deltree the c:\windows\nls directroy, go into the Windows folder and delete the nw*.* files, and do the same delete in the System folder.  Then restart the PC, go into the Registry, search for Novell and anything looking like it references Netware, kill it.  Remove the video driver, restart the pc, reinstall client 32, restart, (see if it goes away), reinstall video, and see if it stays away.
Do a search on *.pwl and rename all files to ?????.sav
-Restart system with "close all programs and log on as a different user" or just restart the compuer. When the prompt comes up to type in username and password, type something different than you were using before and click "ok" and "ok" to confirm.

If you have a NIC...

This problem can also occur if a Network card is not seated correctly or is inoperable. Try reinstalling, reseating, or replacing NIC.

Another thing is if you are using any of the following words as your username for network login can cause the problem:


Very strange but true.
go to and do a search on "mprexe" (no quotes) and you will find a wealth of info on this problem.

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check and search for mprexe. You should find an answer here.
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