diag beeps

i430VX motherboard

I am having trouble finding technical information about this mother board.  In particular, the user manual does not have information to tell me what the bios diagnostic beeps mean.  The on board bios is Amard Software Inc s/n 055663122

When I power up the mother board the spaker beeps every 3/4 of a second for a duration of  1/2 a second and keeps repeating and does not stop.

Can you tell me what this means, or can you tell me where I can find the answer to this question?

Thank you for your help.
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kestradaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally whenever the system beeps as you described, it indicates that you problem is with the RAM. Not all boards work with all types of memory. Some boards require that SIMMS are inserted in pairs and are the same type for each memory bank. Some boards need memory with a parity bit. Some boards need memomry of a specific speed ex. 60ns or faster. First check to make sure that the RAM is correctly inserted. If this doers not work try another type of memory chip but do not mix or mismatch memory.
blakepAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Check your display card and CPU and make sure that they're secured.
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Other items to check:

Make sure memory is inserted correctly.
Check power supply connections.

It might also help if you can post the model number for the motherboard.

That beep pattern is usually associated with memory on most motherboards.  I assume that you have no video.  Try some known-good memory and see if that fixes it.  Is the memory you are using PS/2 by any chance?  Parity issue?  Mis-match with different types of memory?
The beep codes depend on the BIOS.  See


for a listing of AMI and Phoenix codes and what is usually wrong.  You said "When I power up the mother board the spaker beeps every 3/4 of a second for a duration of  1/2 a second and keeps repeating and does not stop.".  I am not clear on what the pattern is from this description so I give you this pointer to look it up yourself.


I just now figured out that amard was AWORD in your post (I guess it pays to re-read the question after making a comment). Here is a link to commentary on AWARD BIOS.


The AWARD codes apparently vary a lot and it might be necessary to look on the motherboard vendor's web site to find the information on the codes if Ralph's and Kayton's comments don't help.

At any rate, what is the make of the board?


if the system was working properly before, then, you could have a bad Memory chip.
try resseting the Jumper for the CMOS in the Motherboard.
can you explain what cause this? what you were doing in the machine?
upgrading, cleaning, Overclocking?etc etc.
If he overclock it and the system is unstable It will beep some times.
blakepAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.  Thank You !
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