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Assuming I have 3 variables v1, v2, v3, typically in VB I would be able to do stg like that to initialize them:

for a=1 to 3

v & a = x

next a

How do I do that in c++ assuming I cannot use v[1], v[2]...
The reason I am asking is that I have some variables attached to some controls, and the Class Viewer does not let me declare [] as part of a variable name.

Thanks & joyeux noel.
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The_BrainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks man.

There is no Way of doing that in C++, you have to use arrays.

for (int p=0; p<3; p++)

this in way that you are asking is not an option in C++; sorry.

Regards Brain.
decornezAuthor Commented:
Sorry Brain,

unfortunately I know how to do that as well.
There's got to be a way somehow....
I'll leave this question open to see if anybody has any suggestions.

Thanks for the input and happy holidays.
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>> There's got to be a way somehow....
decornez, the C/C++ languages do not allow you to dynamically construct variable names.  No way around it due to the internal working of the languages.

You can write:
    v1 = v2 = v3 = x;

Or you can use arrays (as suggested by The_Brain).
if my answer is correct as it probably is can I have the points for it? if so could you send me an E-mail so that I can answer the question so that I may collect the points? or is this question gonna be one of those one that hang around to rot. :)
decornezAuthor Commented:

Merry Christmas. I'll give you the points since it seems that what I am trying to achieve is not doable anyway. Just post a comment and they are yours.

decornezAuthor Commented:
Oooops, I meant post an answer (not comment) & they are yours.
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