Klingon Honor Guard Problem

Ok my comp: 200MHZ pentium with MMX a monster fusion 3d card with 16 megs.  48 Megs Ram 32x cd Rom.  Plenty of Disk SPace.
KHG installs ok, it plays ok im Botmatch.  But as soon as I try to start an actual game it crashes and gives me error message.  I tried the patch to both the game and my 3d card nothing helps.  SOmeone PLEAZe help me!!!!!
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sspilotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you get GPF faults in other programs it might be an improperly seated processor.
what is the error??

have you tried installing the latest driver for the fusion??
ArseAuthor Commented:
The error is a general protection Fualt.  It generally starts when the game is configuring for play.  I have gotten both the latest fusion and the latest KHG patch. As to the proposed answer.. your question should go as a comment for it is a question not an answer... sorry
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Give it to your friend, Sergey, he'll figure out what to do with it.
Do you get GPF faults in other games/programs?
ArseAuthor Commented:
nNEvermind gave KHG away Next peson to answer question will get points regardless.
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