Improving Search Engine Placement

I apologize if this isn't the correct area for asking this question but I have no idea where it should be placed.

My question is, are there any tricks one can add to their HTML page to get better placment in Search Engines?  Perhaps there is a book/software which can help out?  

I've seen numerous top webpages with META tags:
<META NAME="Pragma" CONTENT="cache">
<META NAME="DC.title" CONTENT="Chicken calculator">
<META NAME="DC.creator" CONTENT="Chicken calculator">
<meta NAME="resource-type" CONTENT="document">
<meta NAME="title" CONTENT="cows chickens roosters">
<meta NAME="author" CONTENT="Cows Chickens Roosters">
<meta NAME="owner" CONTENT="poultry">
<meta NAME="revisit" CONTENT="7 days">
<meta NAME="copyright" CONTENT="chickenshens">
<meta NAME="rating" CONTENT="general">
<meta NAME="robots" CONTENT="follow, index">
<meta NAME="distribution" CONTENT="Global">
<meta NAME="language" CONTENT="English">

The NAME is the same but, of course, the CONTENT is different for eahc site.

Thanks for any info you can provide on helping with Search Engine Placement. Specifically AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos search engines.  

By the way, is there some kind of method to get Yahoo to update a submission.  I submitted my site to them months ago and it was put on as NEW with the name "0-Homer Hardware".  Because it was NEW the site name was shown at the top of the alphabetic list of other sites. A few weeks later my site was put into the alphabetic list. Unfortunately my site was placed at the 'bottom' of the alphabetic list due to my site name being altered to "Zero Homer Hardware" rather than the proper "0-Homer Hardware".  They didn't even place a description for my site.  Did something go wrong here?  Is there a way to get Yahoo to update this mistake?  I left them numerous messages but no reply.

Thansk again.
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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The META information is important for most search engines, but, what I have found is the content of the first page of your site.

You can ad <META NAME="Description" VALUE="your description here"> and <META NAME="KeyWords" VALUE="key,words,separated,by,a,comma">

This will help.  The one thing I have found though is to submit your site to as many as possible.  I use Websitegarage and linkexchange to submit my site.  They both have free versions of their "submit" program and both have worked VERY well for me.  I usually am number 1 on the major serch engines with my site.
Unfortunstely some search engines ignore the *META* tag.  Some will read the first 200 words or so and see how many times the keyword is mentioned. Some will even include any script in the *HEAD* in the search count, so if you have a lot of script they stop before they even get to the *BODY* They will also ignore imagemaps and graphics, so if the keyword is there it won't read it.  You might take a look at:

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