My Canon BJC 4550 has is capable of resolution of 720x360 dpi.  Photo Shop 4.01 has a screene that pops up and only allows selections of 180 or 360.

How can I get it to allow full capabilities of my printer?  I plan on buying an higher resolution printer and do not want to waste my money and need to know if this is a problem with all printers or just mine.

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If you get Photoshop 5.0, it has support for increased resolution. Other than that, you're stuck!
The selection box is not from Photoshop instead is from your printer driver.  Most of the time, Canon driver would not let you output to 720x360 if it's using plain paper.  You'll need to change the paper type to photo quality or something like that in order to use 720x360.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
To Don_Don, pls read carefully the cannon BJC specification that
720x360 dpi :-
for black and colour (CMYK): 720 x 360 dpi
for Monochrome: 720 x 360 dpi (smoothing)
Colour: 360 x 360 dpi
Above is the output resolution of the printer.
In conventional printer CMYK normally is 360 x 360 dpi for print head- black (monochrome) 64 nozzles, (CMYK) 16 nozzles x 4 colours.  It is acceptable best print for all printhouse for magazine images quality.
But canon develop better printer to achieve as:for print head (BC-21 cartridge - black (monochrome) 64 nozzles, (CMYK) 24 nozzles for CMY - thus achieving 720 dpi colour tone with K (16x4=64) grayscale shading. This provide sharper and vivid colours.

Thus 360dpi (best quality ) and 180 dpi (good quality) is the image resolution, your canon printer will make the output print quality depending on the paper-type and print cartridge (ie the ink quality that you use - BC-20 general, BC-21 ,BC-22 are higher quality). Thus print-out resolution varies that you have to trial test for changing paper-types and cartridge ink in order to achieve your requirement.

Of course, the printing technique thermal ink is much much better than bubble-jet colour ink by achieving print-out resolution to 1200/4800 dpi, but those printer cost very expensive for domestic users.

Finally, have you upgraded the driver to version 3.95? Pslh
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Don_DonAuthor Commented:
The pop up screene that only list 180 or 360 dpi is not a normal
pop up screene and I did have high resolution paper in the
printer with settings for appropriate paper and resolution etc..

I have never seen this screene in any of my other programs,
either publishing or graphics.  This screene has options that I
have never seen in other programs and appears to be Photo-Shop
Don_DonAuthor Commented:

Thank you for reminding me about printer up dates but please see the up-dated comment about the pop-up screen.  
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
To Don_Don, can you give us more details what you were doing when the said pop-up appeared to ask you to select. Pslh
Don_DonAuthor Commented:
To: pslh
The screen popped up after the normal pop-up for printing and
before the normal small pop-up that last only a brief moment
and says now printing page 1 etc., usually very fast sequential
listing of pages.  I will try to list the options on the pop-up
that is giving me a problem but will have to wait untill tomorrow
to access the photoshop program.

PS: My email address is in the original message I would like
to converse with you a bout recommended cameras and or film
scanners if you care to do so.
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