will QEMM97 v.9 for Win95 work with Win98?

i checked the quarterdeck web site and it seems they don't know that Win98 is here. does anyone know how if it will work with Win98? any particulars i should know of?


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dankhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  Yes, Qemm97 will work with Win98 but there are a few documented problems:

If you are running Quarterdeck QEMM 97 and you click Details on the File menu in QEMM Control Panel and then click Help, you may receive either of the following error messages:

QEMMDETA caused a general protection fault in module DETAILS.EXE at 0003:000070ce.
Program Error. Integer Divide by 0.

Microsoft has confirmed that this behavior is not caused by a problem in Windows 98, but may be caused by design changes in Windows 98. For more information about resolving this issue, contact the program's manufacturer.


The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 95

When you boot your computer in MS-DOS mode (either from the Shut Down Windows dialog box or from the properties for an MS-DOS-based application) with Quarterdeck's QEMM, the computer may stop responding (hang). When this occurs, you must turn the computer off and back on to resume normal functioning.

The QEMM QuickBoot feature does not operate correctly in Windows.

Dankh, do you know if there is a Qboot for win98? like QEMM97 has. I have been thinking in this same question in the last few days and it is great to see it. I mean an application to quickboot like the QEMM has but that be compatible with Win98.
myxsAuthor Commented:
ThanX dankh!


  I don't use Qemm97 so i am not familiar with the Qboot utility.  If i understand you correctly, Win98 supposedly has a built in FastShutdown and Fastboot option.  Unfortunately, your hardware (ie. Mobo) must support this also.  This new technology in Win98 is suppose to decrease one's startup and shutdown time greatly.  I have yet to see a computer that does this though.
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