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---------- LOTS OF PRINTING QUESTIONS -----------

dgb001 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
Several printing questions here, so hope that someone can help me out. I guess maybe some of them are pretty simple, but not having used VB to print before then for me they are all equally mystifying.

a) How can I print a bitmap file to a printer from a given  pathname, or do I need to have it in a picture box ? Either way I'm not sure how to do it.

b) I've got a small print routine that sets the printer font to Tahoma and fontsize to 18 and fontbold to true. The first time I use it then all is well, but try it again and it goes back to the printer defaults, even though it goes through the same code again. Am I missing something ?

c) Is it possible to print a control ? By this I mean that if I want a checkbox in the printout, or a command button for example then can I get it to do this - I basically want checkboxes in certain positions in the report. Do I need to have an image of a checkbox and print this instead ? If so then same as question (a)

Well, think thats all for now - hope someone can help out.
I know there are plenty of shareware controls to do printy type things from VB  but really need to know how to do it myself.
Thanks in advance.
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I can find a good performance with Vsview 3.0 (VideoSoft) You can find a free demo.
This is the more flexible tools for print


Thanks for your proposed answer Renato, and I'm sure the tool you mention is probably useful, but as I said in the question I really do need to know how to do this myself. (i.e the actual code)

Thanks anyway

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Thanks Mark, that all looks pretty good stuff. I will almost certainly e-mail you in the next couple of days (unfortunately my company e-mail isn't working at the moment so I need to keep logging in to Experts Exchange to see if there are any comments or answers - hence I can't e-mail you at the moment either).

Thanks again,
daveb@banet.net (this is my home e-mail address)


Just for anyone elses benefit in the future then the following link may prove of use :
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