CD music doesn't work

I have Win 98, 64 megs of RAM and an ESS CD Rom.  All sounds work on the system through the speakers, except CD ROM *music*.  When I play a language CD, the sound works fine--it's just music CDs where the sound shows as playing but can't be heard.

I have reinstalled the ESS drivers and gone through the entire Sound Troubleshooter.  Still no CD music sound.

Anything else left to try, other than replacing the CD ROM?
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istal112898Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ok, Go to the little yellow speaker near the clock. click and open it,then check that you have a control called CD and see if the little box is unchecked. then try again. If this controller do not show, go to properties in the same windows, then go to the little box scroll down and check that CD is check.then, click ok, go back to the window, see the control volume for the CD, make sure it is way up and that it is not muted. try this

If this solution does not solve it please reject it. First Try and check before grading.and ask if you want it more clear or something was out.
Did you check your Red Book cable? This is a little three wire cable that runs from the CD to the sound card.

If you have a fairly new CD you may also have a SP-DIF cable. This is a two wire digital cable that performs the same function.
Bartsmit, the problem is not the cable. Since he can listen WAV(VOICES) from the CD language. it is not the cable.
Istal, the voice wav files may be part of a program that renders the digital sound from the disk through Windows.

Red book audio never goes through the data cable, only through the cable to the sound card where it's mixed in.
I wont agree bartsmit because he is saying is coming from the CD reader not the hardrive but you might be right too. Let's DHsimon take his time to see if the solution I gave worked or not.
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