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98 resource conflct code 15

burrill asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I have a Cyberparallel pci card that worked in 95 but in 98 I get this Resource conflict code 15
What is my conflict
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PSS ID Number: Q189877
Article last modified on 07-21-1998

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Windows 98
When you view a device in Device Manager, an exclamation point in a yellow
circle may be displayed for the device. When you view the properties of the
device, the status for the device may report Code 15, indicating a resource
conflict, but the Resource tab for the device may show no conflicts.
This behavior can occur if there is a resource conflict between the device
and a device alias.
To resolve this issue, use either of the following methods:
Method 1
You can safely ignore the conflict. Input/output (I/O) addresses that are
assigned to a device alias can be used by new devices you add to your
computer. For additional information about device aliases, please see the
following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q180412
   TITLE     : Input/Output Addresses Are Used By Aliases in Device
Method 2
Remove the resource conflict. For information about how to troubleshoot
device conflicts with Device Manager, please see the following article in
the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q133240
   TITLE     : Troubleshooting Device Conflicts with Device Manager
Additional query words: 98
Keywords          : kberrmsg win98
Version           : WINDOWS:
Platform          : WINDOWS
Issue type        : kbprb
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1998.



how do I find the articles to verify if the infomation will help
I cannot ignore the conflict because the port is not working as it did in 95
thank you

PSS ID Number: Q133240
Article last modified on 07-21-1998
95 98

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Windows 98
 - Microsoft Windows 95
You can use Device Manager to examine and change software-configurable
devices. This article lists steps you can use to troubleshoot hardware
configuration problems using Device Manager.
If the device uses jumper pins or dip switches, you must configure the
device manually.
To view Device Manager, follow these steps:
1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon.
3. Click the Device Manager tab.
Troubleshooting Information
 - If there is a problem with a device, it is listed in the hardware tree
   list under Computer. The problem device has a symbol indicating the
   type of problem:
   A black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field indicates the device
   is in a problem state. A device in a problem state can be functioning.
   A problem code explaining the problem is displayed for the device.
   A red "X" indicates a disabled device. A disabled device is a device
   that is physically present in the system, consuming resources, but does
   not have a protected-mode driver loaded.
   A blue "i" on a white field on a device resource in Computer properties
   indicates that Use Automatic Settings is not selected for the device
   and that the resource was manually selected. It does not indicate a
   problem or disabled state.
   NOTE: Some sound cards and video adapters do not report all the
   resources they are using to Windows. This can cause Device Manager
   to show only one device in conflict, or no conflicts at all. This can
   be verified by disabling the sound card, or using the standard VGA
   video driver too see if the conflict is resolved. (This is a known
   problem with S3 video cards and 16-bit Sound Blaster sound cards, or
   those sound cards using Sound Blaster emulation for Sound Blaster
 - When you select a specific device in Device Manager, then click
   the Properties button, you see a property sheet. The property sheet
   has a General tab.
   NOTE: Some devices may have other tabs besides the General tab. Not
   all property sheets have the same tabs; some devices may have a
   Resource tab, Driver tab, and Settings tab, or some combination of
   At the top of the property sheet, there is a description of the device.
   When you click the Resource tab, the window in the middle of the tab
   indicates which resource types are available for the selected device.
   The scroll box at the bottom of the contains a Conflicting Device list.
   This list indicates a conflict with an error code.
 - Note the Use Automatic Settings check box. If Windows successfully
   detects a device, this check box is selected and the device should
   function correctly. However, if the resource settings are based on
   Basic Configuration <n> (where <n> is any number from 0 to 9), it may
   be necessary to change the configuration by selecting a different basic
   configuration from the list. If the particular configuration you want
   for the device is not listed as a basic configuration, it may be
   possible to click the Change Settings button to manually adjust the
   resource values.
   For example, to edit the Input/Output Range setting, use these steps:
   1. Click the Use Automatic Settings check box to clear it.
   2. Click the Change Setting button.
   3. Click the appropriate I/O range for the device.
 - If you click Computer, then Click properties, you see a property sheet
   with a View Resources and a Reserve Resources tab.
   You can use the Reserve Resources tab to exclude a resource from use by
   The View Resources tab displays the resources allocated by Windows
   or inherited from a Plug and Play BIOS or PCI bus computer.
 - To disable a device in Device Manager, click the Original Configuration
   (Current) check box to clear it on the General tab in the device's
Additional reference words: 95 98
Keywords          : kbsetup kbtshoot win98 win95
Version           : 95 98
Platform          : WINDOWS
Issue type        : kbhowto
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1998.



I gave your ideas A try and understand what you are saying may work is most cases, however I still have a problem
thank you for you help

ps I had tried pulling the sound card out

You may need a BIOS upgrade then....please list make and model of the pc and I will tell you where to get one.


PII 233 amibios dec 97
note this card was working under 95 and has only stoped working when I put 98 on this computer
the only think that I see is now the computer now has USB where under 95 the USB was not there. I will also check will the place I bought the card from for there thoughts
thank again

The USB may very well be the conflict and also enforces the fact you may need a bios upgrade...I need to know the exact motherboard to get you this info. If its a name brand pc list the make and model ,if not then I need the model of the motherboard.

Remember 95 Did not have great support for USB so in 95 you may never have had any drivers loaded for this.


stallion at m628 made by m technology inc.

You will need these 2 files:
You can get those here:
just follow the instructions on how to flash the bios in the awdflash.exe file.

Correction its m628-009.rom

You also may want to get the Intel USB driver its at the smae site:

Correction#2 You need flash631.exe instead of the awdflash.exe
You have AMI bios...sorry about that.


I will give this a try and tell if it works
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the computer has more problums so I will clear all and start over
I wish to end this topic and will found the answer myself
thank you for your help it was a good try

Also to clear the question you must reject the answer and post a question in customer service to have it deleted and your points refunded.


I now have fixed the this problum by backing up my files, reformated the hard drive and reloaded 98 with out 95 on the system. Now all works
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