Convert 6.5 SPs to Oracle - Any Tools Out There?

We are preparing to convert from SQL 6.5 (stored procedures and data) to Oracle due to the lack of a y2k compliant patch for 6.5.  
Are there any tools out there to help convert?
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joao_patraoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are right about the trial period...they dont have a trial copy of Transparent Gateway.

I hope i could help you.

bye and good luck.

snyderoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
SP5 is listed as addressing y2k issues ("compliant with minor issues"):  
    "It is recommended to update SQL Server to Service Pack 5
     when available to meet Year 2000 compliance requirements.
     Service Pack 5 for the English version of SQL Server 6.5
     is scheduled for release in Dec ’98."

Unless these minor issues are showstoppers, and y2k-compliency is the only reason you are converting to Oracle, converting seems like overkill.

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snyderoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the SP5 info.  It is a business decision (risk assessment) that may drive the conversion.
For now, I'm still seeking tools to make conversion an alternative.
I'd like to invite more answers please.
snyderoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, several have pointed me to the Oracle page for Transparent Gateway.  
It does not appear to be available as a trial download.  I have sent a message to Oracle.  Does anyone know how to get a trial copy?
Thanks all!
Please post as an answer so I can give the points.
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