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Visual basic Compile

Last Modified: 2013-11-25
how to compile an EXE file with different OCX's, and MSvbvm50.dll (vb runtime), inside the exe file itself
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It is done automatically for you.


some computers do not "see" the same ocx and its impossible for them to use them
  i need to write a unicode for that matter, to increase the volume of the exe file , by compiling all kind of ocx
and other sysytem's activex

a111a111a111 answer is not what you wanted to know.
What you want is not possible is VB. It is not possible to link/include DLL's or OCX in your executable.

The solution is the solution what everybody does. Create a setup application.
The compile is your collection of forms classes "OCXs" and so.
they will be distribute when you make install with the VB Wizard.

When you start your VB go to VB Application Wizard and follow the steps.

you also need to let the users to register the OCXs that are not been "seen" by there computer.

do so by regsvr32.exe or regocx32.exe.
if you need more help about it let me know.
It is impossible to compile them into a single exe, that is one of the big complaints about VB.  Most of the technologies(ocx, dll automation servers, etc.) use COM which looks for a file through a unique id in the registry.  If they are all in one file then the file does not exist.  I assure you it cannot be done.  You can create a single exe setup program that explodes into many files.  Or you can use a language like Delphi that does not depend as heavily on external files.

Get the file.....

This is a great utility...
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i've already found a solution for my question

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i wish to delete this question

You question was answered, so why delete it?
Who answered the question and what is the answer?

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Hi Linda,

jeffcameron gave the most complete and correct answer to this question. It might not be what amird wanted to hear or he didn't describe his problem well, but the answer was correct.
According to Mirkwood, your answer is correct.  Please post an answer again so I can grade the question.

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