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My company is using HP LaserJet 4 & 4 Plus printers.  Its existing printer driver for Windows 95 does not support printing multiple pages per sheet, which can save paper & environment.  I tried the driver of HP LJ5Si, and it works in LJ4 printers for printing Word 97 documents, but not Excel 97.  Is there any other new printer driver that can work well in old LJ4 model?
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I don't think anyone will update LJ4 driver to support new features like the one you want. Hovewer, I see 2 workarounds, that work with any printer (not just the LJ4):

(1) Use a PostScript driver (supports up to 4-up - Win95 MS driver-, and even 16-up - Adobe's driver from to print to file, then use GhostScript ( to print the file to any printer you have.

(2) There a a few utilities (shareware, maybe freeware too?) that add n-up printing to any windows pinter driver you may have. I found one here: (haven't tested it myself), but you may search the Net for others.
well, If this worked in WORD97 and not in Excel97, I would think this is misconfiguration problem in the printer settings in the program, make sure the printer settings in Excel are to the HP L5Si printer and that you have selected the right options. I would do this.
I would go to FIle, Print, then select "pages from" put the range of the pages
for example 1 to 100, then where it says number of copies I would put 2 or more. this would make to print multipages from the same pages 2 times.

Is that what you are looking for?

Let me know if this is what you are refering to.
pscmakAuthor Commented:
To istal,
I'm using HP LJ5Si printer driver for HP LJ4 printer model.  When I select "Print 2 pages per sheet" option in LJ5Si printer setup, it works fine for Word 97 but not Excel 97.  (It works well for PowerPoint 97 too, but since PowerPoint itself supports "Print 2 pages per sheet", so I need not use the option in printer driver.)
Thus, I think it is not due to printer settings in Excel.  I am looking for another printer driver for LJ4 printer model.
(What I want is printing 2 pages per sheet, i.e. P1 & P2 in first piece of paper, P3 & P4 in second piece.)  If I use LJ5Si driver in LJ5Si printer, it works well for Word, Excel & many other applications.
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The newest HP drivers are available online at: 

and select your particular model of the 'LJ4', i.e.,
pscmakAuthor Commented:
I don't need the newest driver.  I want a driver for LJ4 model that supports "print 2 pages per sheet".
Perhaps, the "newest" driver _WILL_ support your need??
Try this: In Excel 97, page setup, you have the option to print 1 page wide, by 2 pages tall. It will work if you don't exceed the right margin with the worksheet.
pscmakAuthor Commented:
I want to do something on printer driver, not on individual applications such as Excel 97.
All HP Laserprinter are backward compatible so if you try a LJIII or something.
I know that it´s not a big chance that ljIII or ljII supports printing on both sides but it´s maybe worth a try!?
pscmakAuthor Commented:
It seems OK.  I'll try the FinePrint shareware.  Thanks.
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