what burn prog for ".ISO" extensions

I got an image file with extension ".iso" yesterday (approx. 634 MB)
Unfortunately, I dunno what burn program supports this file type.
It is **not** WinOnCD **nor** CDRWin !

Maybe it's EasyCDCreator or anything else ?
Just want the info beforehand instead of installing and deinstalling the app.

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linschotenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use EZCD Pro v2.0 and that uses .ISO images. Send me a request if you want me to e-mail the file 2u -     jl-uvc@usa.net
This is an image file created with burner software used under linux I think.  Not sure but I have not seen anything for windows that reads them.  Hope this helps
use this program to extract it to the Hardrive and then burning to the CD. it has to be CD-ROM compatible if it is RAW type.
then what you need is to go and get a copy of NTI CD MAKER PRO 3.1.
CDRWIN uses bin files.
or use Adaptec easy cd creator. you need to choose the creating CD-rom from Image. do not burnit like if you were burning files.
you need more help let me know.
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http://www.NTIUS.COM, and order a copy of it. or use Adaptec software for it.
mitrakisAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry istal,

I know for sure that one of the well known burn software can handle ".ISO" files.

It wasn't created under Linux (sure !)

This is an image of an original CD; he used to send me ".BIN" files which could be read with CDRWin. Unfortunately, I got this ".ISO" file from him now.
Since he is on holliday for two weeks, I cannot ask him what app he used...

I'm really sorry, but the way you suggest is the difficult one.
It would be easier for me to install Adaptec's EasyCD Creator, (CD Wizard ?), DiskJuggler or Nero and verify if they support this file type.
I know that he uses just **one** of these apps...and one of them would be the right =:-))

Mitrakis, if you knew the answer then you did not need to post it here.
as I said EASYCD CREATOR support it. (disk Juggler does not support ISO9600)
It can burn it. but if it was created from it. It will not be supported in the other applications. Nero, mmm. maybe.
WINIMAGE 4.0 PRO, can extract it. and then you can burn it to the CD but you have to have space for that matters.

what happens if you just rename the file from .iso to .bin?

mitrakisAuthor Commented:

it wasn't clear from your answer if Easys CD Creator supports this file type.
I'l test it in the new year and award you the points if it works !

I can give it a try...but this sounds "too easy" to me =;-))

Happy new year !
You cant rename the ISO to BIN just like that and burn it. that it is not that easy. there is a BIN to ISO converter. BIN has more algorithms codes than ISO does. a 600 MEGS BIN file when converted to ISO is around 520 megs. it is just like having *.txt and *.doc they are not the same.
Mitrakis i already suggested that as an answer. Linschoten you should care to read before to post an answer like that.
mitrakisAuthor Commented:
If Easy CD Creator and EZCD Pro is almost the same, than I think it would be fair to award the points to **istal** since he suggested this at the very beginning !

just installed Easy CD Pro and it works =:-)

a colleague emailed me last night and told me that ISOs are supported by WinOnCD, too !
Maybe I did something wrong, coz I couldn't find the ISO extension within WinOnCD (maybe I just have to open it, regardless if ISO is offered in the "open file..." dialog or not ?...)

Best regards
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