HSP Modem PCI version 56K V.80

Where can I get drivers for this specific modem?  
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Goto this web site : http://www.harmonyusa.com/drivers.html 
They also have upgrades to V.90
thehugeAuthor Commented:
Harmony does not make the specified modem.  I've already checked out that site you gave me.  I took the modem and read the board.  All its inidicates is that PCTel made the chipset.  It is a 56Kflex V.90 PCI modem with no voice or speakerphone capabilites.  I've tried installing many drivers from the websites and have not been able to have Windows 98 even recognize one of them. I've uninstalled that modem as described in on of the Readme files.  What and where to I go next???
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Have a look at this page and see if you find drivers here, good luck.
before guessing which is you modem find the FCC CODE in your modem and go to this page http://www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid/
then you can know who is the maker of the modem and you can go to their website sometimes there will be link to it. also that info will give the exact model. which you need in order to download the correct drivers.
Another good site to figure out who made your modem is www.56k.com
I think WAYNEB has that URL even before you came here.

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