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I know is this probably a stupid question, I found a property on the listbox control that allows the items to be checked.  However, I cannot find any way to reference the item if it is checked.  What is the wat to do this?  For example this is what I want to do:

for i =0 to list1.listcount-1
if list1.list(i).value=true then
end if

However, It seems it will not work.  I am setting up a timer event, I want the user to be able to check mutiple hours for the timer to be executed, and I don't want to put 24 checkbox buttons on the form.

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jbilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dim i
For i = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
    If List1.Selected(i) = True Then
     MsgBox (List1.List(i))
    End If
for the listbox control, there is a property called "Selected". i think that is what you are lookig for.

windows1Author Commented:
Thank you so much!  Also, The listbox is forcing the horizontal scrollbar even thought they all the times fit, it forces a scroll bar and duplicates the last column.   For instances I have a columnt 6 am to noon and a 2nd column from 1 to 6, the one to six is listed 2 times it forces a scroll bar. is there a way to remove this?

i don't see how my comment is different from jbil's answer. anyway, i will let jbil answer your next question also.

Scrollbar depends on size of listbox and size of font.
list width has to be wide enough to stop scrollbar.
one way is in design mode fill (list) with num of entries, in your case 12 then stretch the list until it lines up the way you want with no scroll bars. then you can delete the list and add the real list now or at run time.

Thanks for the points
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