Win95 USB Drivers

I have Win95 OSR2 and have searched for help from Microsoft for drivers for USB ports which I have on my machine. I am told that I have to go and buy Win98 as only the OEM version of Win95 OSR2 has the drivers and they will not supply them to me. I think this sucks as another money spinner and wondered if there was any other way of getting hold of drivers for Win95 as I have already paid for the privalage. Thanks.
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michaelhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok here is how you install USB support for Win 95B (osr2).  In bios enable usb support if not already.  In device manager remove all USB entries (possibly in other devices) Then on the cdrom look for a file called usbsupp.exe and run that:) File name might be usb*.exe or something like that in the \other\ directories.  Good luck.  Others have told you to use WIN98 becuase 95B does not support USB that well (not very stable from what I hear).

OSR2 is the OEM version of Windows95.  There are many different OEMs.  Depending on the particular disc you have, the update may not be present.
Here's where to get it on the web:

Let me know if you need help with it.
hi keith,
Go here for fully detailed instruccions on how to get the usb drivers working, its a single page so you wont have to click around links looking for info.
Post here if you have any problems.

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keithfoxhallAuthor Commented:
Through this suggestion I found that my version of Win95 didn't have USB support. With the suggestion from Ralph "rmarotta" I soon had the drivers required and away to go! Thanks to everyone.
I'm glad you got it going.
The required "patch" for getting the USB ports to be recognized by Windows 95 is USBSUPP.EXE.

Detailed instructions on how to install this patch can be found here:

I went through this "USB hell" successfully a few weeks ago. It was truly a scavenger hunt. Hope this can alleviate some of the pain!

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