WINAMP / Enhanced music Cds..

Can I play enhanced music cds through winamp? (ver 2.05)

And then therefore get the cd details downloaded via the net. (It does this automatically for all other cds.)
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isnt that what I tried to say to you before. MSPLUS 98 CD PLAYER DELUXE Is the only one that does. WINAMP does not. that's what I did as a comment. just that somebody else reprashase what I said before.
as matter of fact download WINAMP 2.08 release JAN 3. 1999.

good luck.

I think is fair. since I said it before.
Do you mean mixed mode CDs?  (where when you try and add the tarcks, winamp shows only the data?)

I got around this by makeing a play list from a normal CD, and then putting in the mixed mode disk.  tehn when you select a track, it grabs the corresponding track on the mixed mode CD.

Not an incredably good solution... but it does work.
CD PLAYER DELUXE from Microsoft, the one Included in MSPLUS 98 does what you are talking about ruperts.
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rupertsAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've used CD Player Deluxe, but they do not store there data (Title/Artist/Song) in the same place or in the same format.

The CD's are just normal one's with PC track on them with a few files movies/info about the band.

(The one I'm having problems with is Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions.)
Ruperts, if the info does not exist yet in the database. then, you will have to wait until the add it up in there.
Winamp does not contain the function you are asking the answer is No.  Win98 Plus does though....

rupertsAuthor Commented:
Ok, so it's impossible to play Enhanced CD's (which play on regular CD players) with winamp with or without track information.

If this is what you are saying, and nobody disagrees then you can have the pts.

rupertsAuthor Commented:
OK we got there!

thank you all!
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