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How to view & print out an .html doc with "too many columns"?

I have this recurring problem at some web sites with certain .HTML documents I would like to print out.First off,
The document wont fit in the browser window no matter what
I do.Its oversized.So I save it ont my hd as an .html doc
and try loading it into HMView or another html editor and I get this error message"error-the table has too many columns"
 I am not a programmer and know next to nothing about .html
All I would like to do is print out these articles.Any suggestions??
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1 Solution
In Windows you can use the File-Print command.  If you want, you can disable printing of the graphics in the File-Page setup command.  If your printer is properly set up it will print the whole page directly from the site.  The other option is to highlight the portion you want printed and save it as a text file .  Then you can open it in a text editor and print it from there.
marqwhaleAuthor Commented:
 The answer is re-stating the obvious.First,there'd be no reason
"to disable the graphics" as these "images" go with the text and are the reason I wish to print the entire document in the first place.Second,I am only able to highlight the text portion,which
is easily printable by itself anyway.The illustrations will not highlight.
 At http://www.x86.org/articles/pmbasics/#fig1 is where this brilliant account of the differences between real and protected mode is found.If you click on 'document info' you will notice
that the various 'images'(or illustrations adjacent to the text)
are found in different subdirectories of this above-quoted directory(folder:-))Therefore,this is some type of multipart
HTML/text document.It was created by frontpage 2.0.
  I would appreciate expert advice on the techniques/protocols
involved in a workaround,especially in regards to the ".HTML
error message" which is:"ERROR-THE TABLE HAS TOO MANY COLUMNS".
This msg came up in "Bersoft's HMView 2.32" as I was attempting
to load the document prior to printing it.
 One last point.The file print command works fine ,however there
is a section of missing columns in the output hard copy,as already mentioned in the previous e-mail.
I checked the URL you stated.  The problem is that the author has the table set at 800 pixels, rather than a percentage.  If you can set your display to at least 800X600 it should work.  One step higher would be better.  The other option is to save the page as an HTML file on your computer, copy the images to a directory, then rebuild the page HTML by changing the <table width="800"> to <table width="95%">.  The images will not line up exactly as shown on the site which is probaly why he did it the way he did.  However you will have the information.
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marqwhaleAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.This answers my question completely.I would
just ask if you know of and could recommend one or more .html apps that are designed to change the table width from 800 pixels
to 95%??Will HMView(Bersofts) do this??
I'm not familiar with HMView, so I don't know.  Shall I resubmit my comment as an answer?
marqwhaleAuthor Commented:
Could someone please recommend an application that will allow me to re-build an .HTML page by changing the table width from a fixed number of pixels to a percentage????
The cheapest is to open the html file in Notepad.  Where you find :
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="800">

chnage it to read:
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="95%">

If you want a progarm I recommend MacroMedia Dreamweaver.  It doesn't mess with the rest of the code.  Basically you are building a new web page using the information from the old one.  I didn't check the page thouroughly, but you might have to resize the images.  Dreamweaver will also allow you to do this.  In essence, you are learning HTML if you don't already know it.  Once you get this going you will have all the basics needed to start developing your own web page.  

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