Seek a good video editing card

I want to enhance my PC to become a fully fledged video editing station, allowing me to record compressed video on my harddrive, rearrange the cutscenes, add special effects and fadings, improve picture quality and especially add and sync it with background music, then record it on video again in digital quality.

I am going to replace my current graphic card (Matrox Millenium) with a new one. However, I do not have the overview about the available cards on the market. My first favorite was the Matrox Marvel G200-TV, but I came across test that show that the performance of the card as 2D/3D is not as good as with other cards in this segment.

I would also consider products that do not interface with the main graphic card in the way the Marvel does. I still have ISA, PCI and my APG slot unoccupied on the board.

Any suggestions?
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istal112898Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend you the ALL IN WONDER PRO. it has all the options you want for editing and camera connection etc. it is a 8 meg PCI/AGP. 3D great performance,2D is great. it is rated one of the best in the Market.
and for software I would use ULEAD MEDIA STUDIO PRO 5. for video editing.
mviertelAuthor Commented:
Could you give me a manufacturer and maybe a website of that graphic card. I never heard of this product.
istal112898Commented: is an ATI CHIP. I have one and it is great. the PRO with 8meg is a lot better. I think they have another one better as well that they are getting out to the market.

here it is the URL to the page with the details.
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you can order it from WWW.PRICEWATCH.COM, under Videos you can see several vendors, they sell it at whole sale price. retail would be a lot more money.
As matter of fact, I just got to know I can get 20$ back to my pocket with the rebate. my UPC code match my UPC. and when I send it, I will get back 20$. :)).
mviertelAuthor Commented:
Okey, I have some more questions. I know ATI of course, didn't know the product though. I had a look at the specs of the card. What about video compression? I understood that the Matrox Marvel G200-TV can do MPEG compression while recording the video on the harddrive.
I hope the NTSC requirement is only for TV-out and not for recording. I need PAL here.
Did anybody try this card in a serious 3D gaming environment?
Video compression depend on the codecs installed in WINDOWS, that is software. and I believe they have version with PAL as well. you have to contact them and ask them where you can buy the European version. I know they have it. I know my card has PAL, but I do not use it. it also depends on the TV display and Camera type. I have a TV JVC with PAL and NTSC, but I do not have a Camera with PAL.

what I am talking is for displays, now if you see at the video editor program I gave you, this program has an option which create video to a specific video format. It is a professional editing software to use if you are serious about.
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