Connecting via PPP in linux ?

My modem will dial to my isp, connect and then my isp disconnects me.. what do i have to do to setup ppp so i can use the internet in Redhat Linux 5.2, i am a new to linux, i just use dialup networking in windows... my isp does'nt require a special dialer..
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texasbofhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this page:
Larry's explanation and a couple of good books were enough to get me on the net, but of course, you'll need to change the phone #, DNS, and user/pass in his scripts to work for your ISP. Unfortunately, it's been too long since I set it up to remember just exactly what needs tweaking to get a reliable connect.
It sounds like this has to do with the authentication process your isp uses. It may be expecting some information from your end after the connect, and when it doesn't get it, it disconnects. Ask your isp if they use pap/chap authentication, and read the PPP-HOWTO for info about troubleshooting the connection. There should be information in your syslog file (/var/syslog - ?) about the connection. Unfortunately, getting your net connection set up can be the hardest part of setting up linux - many distributions don't have tools to do this or the tools they have can make mistakes. If if still doesn't work, try one the ppp tools available for linux, such as ezppp
Use minicom to dial to your isp see if they use script like username: Passowrd: Options: if all you see is username or login and password then try to use pap setings. Use  linuxconf  or control-panel and networking to setup your ppp
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hi forton,

What you need is a good and user friendly dial-up program...... I suggest you get ezppp....

they normally come with a precompiled binary... I have recently installed it in my new redhat 5.2 and it work fine.....  got it working in less than 5 minutes....  :)

1. get ezppp use yahoo or infoseek or go here
2. untar it.... if it's in gz.tar then do this gzip -cd filename.gz.tar | tar xfv -  in usr/local
3. then copy the static binary from ezppp..../bin/staticwhatever/ezppp to /usr/sbin
  make sure you read the readme file... as usual....
4. then change the ezppp to be executable if it's not yet changed by doing a chmod +x ezppp in sbin... or before you copy it there...
5. run ezppp
6. fiddle around with it... and create a dial up account... somewhere you configure it to use the script it provide... to log on...
7. run ezppp... set the port to either /dev/modem or /dev/cau2 or whichever try one by one... if it doesn't work.... and look at your modem.... whether it react...
8. if you got that right and got connected click the debug thing on ezppp and wait for the login prompt and login and also type in your passord..... then.... after that start pppd from ezppp.....

once you have done that... you can customised it to be automated later on....

hope that help..
FortonAuthor Commented:
i have installed and setup EzPPP, but the same thing keeps happening. I dial my isp and wait.. then i get OK in the debug window and then atdt + isp number then nothing for a minute and then disconnected..

my isp is MSN. normally I have to login with there dialer, But i can dial into MSN with dialup networking. all I have to do is put:
  Login: MSN/forton

 any ideas ?  
FortonAuthor Commented:
i don't know if you can tell from this or not.

Here are the nameservers Non-authoritative answer: nameserver = DNS5.MOSWEST.MSN.NET nameserver = dns2.MOSWEST.MSN.NET nameserver = dns3.MOSWEST.MSN.NET nameserver = auth00.ns.uu.NET nameserver = auth01.ns.uu.NET nameserver = dns1.MOSWEST.MSN.NET nameserver = DNS4.MOSWEST.MSN.NET

Authoritative answers can be found from:
DNS5.MOSWEST.MSN.NET    internet address =
dns2.MOSWEST.MSN.NET    internet address =
dns3.MOSWEST.MSN.NET    internet address =
auth00.ns.uu.NET        internet address =
auth01.ns.uu.NET        internet address =
dns1.MOSWEST.MSN.NET    internet address =
DNS4.MOSWEST.MSN.NET    internet address =

FortonAuthor Commented:
I found this script on the internet for MSN but i don't know how to use it or what to do with it once i'm in linux.. my modem is a Motorola VoiceSurfr 56kFlex.. how do i get this working.. i Have Kppp ( Kde Desktop Dialer ) and EzPPP installed.  

# ppp.dip      Dialup IP connection support program.
#            This file (should show) shows how to use the DIP
#            scripting commands to establish a link to a
#            static or dynamic IP PPP server.
  # You should set other pppd options in /etc/ppp/options.
  # Set the desired serial port and speed.
  # Our modem port is /dev/modem.
  port modem
  #speed 115200
  # Go higher if your modem supports it.
  speed 115200
  # Reset the modem and terminal line.
  # This seems to cause trouble for some modems!
  # This is our local IP address. That should only be used for static
  # IP.
  # get $local
  # That should work on both static and dynamic IP. PPP should know
  # how to get the local and remote IP address.
  get $local
# Note! "Standard" pre-defined "errlevel" values:
#      0 - OK
#      1 - CONNECT
#      2 - ERROR
# You can change those grep'ping for "addchat()" in *.c...
  # Prepare for dialing.
  # Put your own modem initializaion string here.
  #send ATZ\rATS7=45S0=0L1V1X4&c1E1Q0%C3\r---->this is default!!
  #send ATZ\rAT&F&C1&D2&K3\V1\N3L1S0=0\r---->usr28.8(31.200 :))
  send ATZ\rAT&F#CLS=8HZ^M\r------------->motorola VoiceSurfr56
  wait OK 1
  if $errlvl != 0 goto modem_trouble
  # Here is the MSN/PPP server dial-up number in NYC.
  dial 12126553000
  if $errlvl != 1 goto modem_trouble
  # We are connected.  Login to the system.
  sleep 2
  # Wai for login prompt
  wait ogin: 20
  if $errlvl != 0 goto login_error
  # Send the login MSN/putyourloginamehere.
  send MSN/putyourloginamehere\n
  # Wait for passwd prompt
  wait assword: 20
  if $errlvl != 0 goto password_error
  # Send the password.
  # This is for SecureID.
  #securidfixed xxxx
  #*****************************MSN PASSWORD ENTRY***
  send putyourpasswordhere\n
  # We are now logged in.
  # wait enable 15
  # if $errlvl != 0 goto prompt_error
  # Say hello and fire up!
  mode PPP
  goto exit
  print TIME-OUT waiting for the PPP server to fire up...
  goto error
  print Trouble waiting for the Login: prompt...
  goto error
  print Trouble waiting for the Password: prompt...
  goto error
  print Trouble ocurred with the modem...
  print CONNECT FAILED to the MSN_PPP server.

Looks like you're going to have to play around with your existing chat script (e.g. for RedHat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0), or use the script you found on the Internet with dip.  I'm far too lazy to step you through either of these scenarios (I entertained the thought for a few moments, but common sense won out), other than to say that you should be reading the "dip", "chat" and "pppd" manpages as well as the PPP-HOWTO.
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