Posted on 1999-01-04
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I am getting a new LAN connection to the Internet, but the company asks alot of money for the equipment and installation.
200$ for the router, but I do have a router , FastComm WebRouter, but its password protected and I dont know the password, is there anyway to reset it to a defult password?
And also they ask 200$ for the installation, I realy dont want to pay such sum, can someone tell me where I can read how to configure and install routers....
Question by:evgeny
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Expert Comment

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My advise is to pay the $200 and let your ISP configure this setup since you are currently unfamiliar with both the setup and this particular hardware.  

If you really want to do this yourself, you should probably start with the users manual for the router you plan on using.  It will tell you how to configure it for various network environments.  That coupled with the specific information from your ISP will give you what you need to set things up.
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ID: 1132521
> is there any way to reset it to a default password?  

Yes, if you have physical-access to the hardware;
no, if you only have "remote" access to the software
running on the hardware.

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What you want to do depends on the size of the network and the type of networks you are dealing with. If you are using Windows --or some variant thereof--it is pretty straight forward. Do a little research and follow the manual it you should be able to handle it.

Author Comment

ID: 1132523
danpaul: and if I am working with unix/linux , I have to do not the same thing (not like in Windows???)?


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ID: 1132524
ok, I am doing as you told me, following the manual, but I need some help:

1. what is v.35?
2. What is ARP and MAC address.

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 1132525
>1. what is v.35?

This is a serial data protocol and hardware interface used between a ROUTER and a CSU/DSU.  It's similar to RS-232 used between computers and external modems.  The normal configuration would be something like this:

INCOMING DATA LINE <---> CSU/DSU <-V.35 cable->ROUTER<-> Ethernet

>2. What is ARP and MAC address.

ARP - Address Resolution Protocol.  It's a networking feature of your router where it will resolve a TCP/IP IP address to a network card's MAC (or hardware) address.

MAC address - this is the "hardware" address of a network card.  Usually you don't need to know this as the protocol you are using (i.e. TCP/IP) takes care of mapping that to an IP address for you.  If you are setting up ARP, however, you may need to tell the router what MAC addresses you want it to ARP for.

Author Comment

ID: 1132526
CSU/DSU = Frame Relay Modem?
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Expert Comment

ID: 1132527
No, CSU - Computer Service Unit, DSU - Data Service Unit.  This is a small box that looks a lot like a modem but it's not.  It is an interface between whatever kind of line the telephone company gives you (i.e. 56K DDS or some flavor of T-1) and the router.  Some routers have this built in but that is not common.

Author Comment

ID: 1132528
Ok, if you will just tell me where I can read more about routers, Frame Relay lines and other things like this, I will be very happy.


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