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Looking for a copy of Aldus SuperPaint version 3.5 on cd-rom
Any ideas on where I can purchase this?
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Any of the numerous online auction sites might yield some results (ebay.com, auction.com, etc.)  

I'd recommend going to the classifieds newsgroups as well -- misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.software could be your best bet. A search of all *forsale* newsgroups at http://www.dejanews.com/ for the word "superpaint" turned up a few recent matches.

good luck with that one...
your best bet is to contact Adobe and see if they have info on where you can get it, or find someone who has a copy and borrow it. Since it was discontinued by Adobe in 12/97, I doubt if you are going to find it on any retail shelves.
Another possibility would be to check your  local bookstore for a book on Aldus/Adobe SuperPaint (they might be out of print also) there might be a "how to" book that comes packaged with a CD that contains the program in a demo or complete issue.
Why not use Photoshop or PhotoDeluxe?
You can open old SuperPaint files in them.
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