notebook/laptop recommendation

Hello, I need a recommendation for a laptop or notebook computer.

Please post only comments until I evaluate the suggestions.  Thank you!


1. The notebook will be used primarily for demonstrations therefore an active (TFT or comparable technology) screen is mandatory.  Large screen size is also VERY important.

2. I need the ability to connect external monitor and mouse.  A keybord connector is also nice.

3. A CD-ROM, a modem and an ethernet port will be nice.

4. Processing power, weight and batery life considerations are secondary.

5. Price.  I'm looking for something below $1500.

Please suggest models and where to purchase.
Please supply URLs to reviews or comparisons (if available).

Thank you.
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alexoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good luck!
This is not strictly laptop related but you may find it interesting:

To check for best prices:

To get mail-order satisfaction surveys:

For a list of companies and related info:
istal112898Commented: try this site. sometimes they have good deal. it is an auction place and most of the time cheapest prices than wholesale.
for a notebook I would suggest you to get an AMD K6-2-300 (ARM COMPUTER)
13.3 screen, in this site.

it does what you want and powerful notebook. and it is just 1430, more power and size will be more expensive.
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I may be biased a bit, but Gateway ( portables are very good, and have allot of neat features.  Their compatability testing is the best in the buisness.

The systems I have had the most problems with as a whole are Toshiba's.
Gateway Laptop are not under 1500$ unless you get a small one and old CPU.
I have a Compaq Presario 1625 that I just LOVE

AMD K6 - 266Mhz
3.2 GB HD
24x CD ROM
56K Internal Modem
2 PCMCIA Slots (I use 1 for a NIC)
800 X 600 Screen (great picture)
JBL Pro Speakers (sounds great)
Mouse, Keyboard, and Video ports
Windows 98 PreLoaded

I paid about $1400 for it (new)

Compaq's are nice, but you might want to consider upping your $ limit a little.  If you do, you can buy a Dell, which is just about the best type of notebook on the market right now.
As you see zvior, there are allot of different opinions here.  It comes down to what you are comfortable with.  Good luck.
zviorAuthor Commented:
Thanx to all!
Now is the hard part: decision making! :-)
I don't know that you should pay points out for this information.  It is more of gaining peoples opinions rather than a straight forward definative answer as to who is the best.
zviorAuthor Commented:
I think that alexo gave me a lot of information therefore I will give him the points.

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