Double effort to boot my computer

To boot my computer I need to switch it on and then again - either reset it or off-on it!!

This happens every time I switch on my computer
Switching on it just gives a blank screen -  no beeps but usual sound of hard disk etc.

My computer is 2 months old - a cyrix MII 300 Mhz (it was ok for the first month but started behaving like this when we shifted it to other room)
All hardware components are fine(may be not)

What is the problem?
How this can happen (computers are supposed to be memoryless systems - at least their sillicon part)
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Bar_TendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds to me that when you are turining off the computer say on wednesday night and then going to turn it on thursday morning you have put the machine into sleep mode. Most of the newer machines today require that you hold the power button down for about 10 seconds and it will totally power down.
check the contacts of simms video card and bios and others....If you moved the computer it maybe caused some contacts not to be perfect anymore
This indicates that you have a problem with either your video card, mother board or monitor.

Usually an unseated video card causes the motherboard to keep beeping.

When you switch your computer on, does the monitors power LED change colour from its normal running colour or is it in powersaving mode. Your monitor booklet will tell you the difference. If the monitor stays in powersaving mode, its not receiving signal from the video card.

When you restart, does scandisk run?
I'm asking you this because i need to know if the HD is loading windows or is only just running.

I'll suggest one option which is to load the bios screen and use the default setup.

The other option is considering that the machine may be under warranty is to have it checked because anything else i could suggest here may violate that.


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Open the case, and press down, or reseat connector cables, cards, memory, processor, etc.  (of corse with power off)

When you first turn it on, does the system boot?  Watch the LED's, and listen for the hard disk.
I'm guessing that the motherboard is grounding out somewhere, possibly a loose screw inside came to rest on something when it was moved. If you don't want to open it, try turning so that the side of the computer the mainboard is mounted on is up and GENTLY tap(no harder than you'd tap the tip of your nose) the box so any loose metal will fall away  from it. If that doesn't work I'd take it back and have it looked at under warranty.
abhikalitraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such a good response.

The problem is if there is any hardware problem, why it doesn't occur after the reset. (for example if motherboard is grounded it should behave in the same way at every boot/reboot)
And if the problem is random it should not happen at every reboot?

>At first boot LED of monitors are red. as there is no beep(indicating every thing is OK) it is not possible that only signals to monitor are weak and windows is booting.

>Event though my computer is under warranty is can open it and screw anything (warranty is on indivisual parts :->) so feel free to advise any tinkering.

>When my computer boots eventually - everything works fine, no conflicts, no hang ups, no unexpected behaviour - I ran some diagnostic utility to check hardware components and it reported no problem.  

Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
Sounds like the power supply is being overloaded at first, then the load drops on the second reset?  Just a thought.
Just adding up a few things that you have commented.

The monitor is getting no signal from video card.
There is also no video fail beeping from the mother board.
Try and reseat this in its pci slot as video cards are normally the culprit in failures after system moves.

Could you tell me if the keyboard LED's flash when you first start your machine.
And then, do they flash when you reboot.
I had to ask this because some systems do this and some don't but it is consistant either way.

If they only flash when you reboot, it indicates a Motherboard failure.

Why this happen as you described could be for many reasons, but some componnents do store voltage and and require time period to charge but if a componnent is failing it takes to long for this to happen and consequently the system fails even though it eventually does charge and lets you reboot.

If the led's do flash but this problem is still evident my above explanation could also hold for a power supply and a test may be needed.

aleinss may have a point.  If the power supply is weak, it could cause this due to the extra power needed to spin the hard drive(S).

Contact the manufacturer and ask them about opening the case.  I havent ran into one that wont let you.
Try disabling anything to do with power management, hibernation etc within the bios to check that it isnt getting confused
It sounds like a faulty power supply. I had a similar problem (within 2 weeks after I bought the PC). They replaced the power supply.

Since it is still under warranty, you should return it! and get it fixed.
paulvaneykelen:  How origional.  This had already been suggested by aleinss.  Why don't you read the prior comments before "Answering" a question.  A "Comment" would have been much more appropriate.

abhikalitra:  Please reject the current answer so we can continue.
abhikalitraAuthor Commented:
dear paulvaneykelen i cannot accept ur answer as same thing was suggested by aleinss, Sorry but lets continue discussion on the topic.
You both can share the points if both agree and ur answer is correct. (I have called the technician to look at the problem).
Since the pc is new make the best out of its warranty like someone else said. The times i´ve come across this type of problem it´s usually a chip or something on the motherboard thats not working properly and it needs "that second re-boot" in order for it to warm up also when you moved your pc from one place to another a possibly faulty hard disk could have been evidenced and like in the prior case "it needs a second boot" to get to the right spinning speed. There are ways of checking these possibilities, but if its a new pc claim its warranty, and save yourself time, money and worries.
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