Classification of webvertising

This is the best section I could think of.

I'm looking for a classification of advertising methods on Internet, such as banners and spam.

10 points for each new class mentioned. Bonus points for a complete classification, but that's not necessary.
<Added>Also points for each useful URL reference, but don't be disappointed if it's not useful to me.</Added>
Comments only until I announce the division of points.
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MirkwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>By your command<<
Hi Vendrig,
What about Banners, Spam :-)
channels (like Pointcast and alexo)

See also

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vendrigAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
vendrigAuthor Commented:
mirkwood: I know how to ask Qs by now, I said "*new* classes";P
I'll grant you advertising via channels and your reference.
Vendrig, gebruik jij ICQ?
how about...
banner spam spam spam spam and banner or
spam banner banner spam spam banner or
spam spam spam spam spam spam spam and banner.

not really a "webvertisement" per se (heh nice "word" btw), but word of mouth is still the best kind of ads there is.  Satisfied customer is always a good asset.

Invite your friend mail kind of thing (Send this page to your friend link).

Promotion: Free this, free that, web sweepstake, etc. etc.
Attaching Web URL to custom appliction.

Search engine entry.  all can be considered as web advertising for your web site.

Hope that's what you mean and not advertising product on the web, but the site itself.
vendrigAuthor Commented:
pball: yes, I mean the site.
To get the picture, I'll grant you this:
* word of mouth (trivial, but I would have forgotten it myself:), e-mail to friend
* offering free things/sweepstakes, or free information not related to the core business.

Can you expand on "Attaching Web URL to custom appliction"? Or maybe you have an example?
A search engine entry is a little too trivial. Next you'll say that having a site is a webvertisement itself;)
Getting the browser maker to include your site as a recommended or example site.

Making browsers and setting the default page to your site (Microsoft, Netscape)

Alexa ( is an add-on that suggests sites related to the current one. I don't remember if you can buy suggestions but probably.

Buying domain names. If you sell potatoes, get, and (and, for good measure :) )

Prizes: The Best Site Of The Week and the like,...

Theme rings.

Nah, I wouldn't say that.  Hehe, you could build a million webs nowaday and unless you register them to search engines, you will probably will not get any hit except from yourself.  so, no.  Having a website by itself can't be classified as webvertisement :).

Attaching URL to applications...hmm.. see.. WinAMP, see RealAudio player.  About box on much application nowadays, help link to URL, etc.  That will get people to the particular site might it carry extended help to the product, product info, etc. etc.
Opt-in email (mailing lists)
Opt-out email (spam or mass mailings)
WOM (word of mouth)
Affiliate and referral programs that you run
Banner advertising
Interstitial advertising (full page ads that pop up "between" two pages of a site)
Rich media ads (Shockwave or Flash, RealAudio or RealVideo, other "empowering" multimedia formats)
Text advertising
Mixed-format (media) advertising (combining banners and text; text and music; etc.)
Offline advertising (URL/email address on all business correspondence, side of your truck, local paper etc)
Pop-up advertising (adverts "pop up" in a separate window when you enter a site)
vendrigAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Genki. You and the others will be asked to answer this or an empty question when I'd like to close this subject. Hereby: coming Tuesday, 1am PST.
Can you say what you mean by "Affiliate and referral programs that you run", or do you mean the same as PBall?
vendrigAuthor Commented:
mirkwood: can you answer this question?
Others: please look in for your empty question.
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