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Component for barcode printing

qdyoung asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-18
I need free QuickReport component of barcode39(and 128)
printing for Delphi4, source code is wellcome. Can anyone
help me?
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Hi qdyoung,

what about these?

http://www.qusoft.com/scripts/download.dll/getfile?Filename=BARNOSRC.ZIP (this is free if you don't want source)

I don't know if freeware/shareware components give the source-code. I once used a freeware one, but also on that one, no source available.

Regards, Zif.


Unfortunately, both these files do not have source code and the
*.dcr file is not compiled in Delphi4. So I don't think it will be Ok
after I tried 1999 tims again.
Also, I have not found any other barcode related files on QuSoft site.

What I need componet must be version for Delphi4(not 3, etc) if without source code. It does matter if source included.


Sorry, I made a mistake at last line of my comment. I said it
DOESN'T matter the component is for what version if source included.

hi there
go to this site http://www.thorstein.dk/
and look under my components page and you will find tbarcode for delphi 4 with no source
Regards Barry

B.T.W if you then load the freeware list you will see another component called qrbc.zip download this to use previous component i told you in quickreports.


the component I refered too is for D4 (BARNOSCR) also, look at this page :


info at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~mtntop/inde2.htm

It is freeware without source.

It is shareware with source. (only $30)

[Free version, unrestricted runtime Use, Delphi 1,2, 3 & 4 No Source (It's a bargain at the price!)
Or if you want to Pay for the source ($30.00us) Download here]

A long time ago I searched the net for a freeware with source, but to no avail. I don't think it exists.

Regards, Zif.


 Barry's component DO work. But the QRBarCode work not so good on 180dpi(which is only documented) printer. It's hard
for my scanner to recognise it. Yes, it works fine for HP Laserjets.
  The QRBarCode uses Bitmap generated by TBarCode, but not draw directly on printer canvas.I don't know whether this methord reduce the quality.
  There is a great package called Report Builder, which do better job then QuickReport.
It contains a barcode component draw directly on printer canvas, and aslo produre better result.
However, I cannot use the package because I have no util can transplant lots of my QuickReport units to Report Builder ones.
  B.T.W can you send me a copy of the source code, or do some refinement for low resolution printers.

Regards Young

I know the component Barry proposed. I used it once also.

As you can see this component also doesn't has the source-code! Only the interface to the QR is with source. And I used that component on a Deskjet 510 without problems...

I don't know what you are trying to achieve, but have you even looked at the page I've given you? All things are there you want... It's D4, it's FREEWARE and you can even get the source for a lowsy $30.

Regards, Zif.

you say in your last comment about the components i tell you but you dont mention the ones zifnab gave you they may be better for you .as for send you source this is not possible ,they  are not my components just happens that thats the name of the hyperlink.
i dont think you'll find freeware with source i looked everywhere to no avail and zif's were cheapest (with source)and you probably wont need source anyway
Regards Barry


  I found a free barcode component with source on your proposed site, this is the URL: http://www.thorstein.dk/code/barcod.zip. Thank you! I like freeware with source much. I'm now testing. Maybe it wont't work, but it doesn't matter.
  This time I get no option to give your a grade. Maybe you must give me a dummy answer, not comment.

  I have looked at the page you gave me. I aslo downloaded one and now testing. Thank you too.

Regards Young
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The free barcode component doesn't support type 3of9. However, I got specifications of barcode39 from HP. Also thank to Barry proposed web site.
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