Can´t use fonts with Pagemaker6.0 and Windows98

Hi! Can´t use some fonts in Pagemaker 6.0 and Word since I changed from Windows 95 to Windows 98.
They are installed and I can use them with Wordpad, but these other programs replace them with other fonts as if they were missing. Is there some limit for fonts in Windows 98 or what is the problem?
Greatful for an answer to this question!
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Bengt, let's go back to your original question and then come forward.

The problem you stated is not uncommon, and I'll take you through some of the Windows 95/98 changes. First, there is a limitation on the number of fonts,it's 1,000 fonts, but there are work arounds for this, but you really should minimize the number of fonts as when Windows loads, registered fonts consume memory.

Okay, now let's look at what you experienced.

When you upgrade to Windows 95/98 some fonts may not be listed in the Win.ini file, but you will still be able to use them. What happened? Simple, Windows 95/98 moves many of the items in .ini files, such as the font listing, to the registry during Setup. In addition, Windows 95/98 moves any fonts added to the     Win.ini file to the registry each time it starts, even if they were installed by third party (including Microsoft) products.
Only specific ttf fonts files are stored in the registry, not PostScript font information. PostScript fonts that are installed by Setup programs as they were in earlier versions of Windows, remain in the Win.ini file. If you install a font which happens to be postscript and a base font already exists with the same base font data, Windows 98 may, depending upon the installer version, either overwrite the font or label it as corrupt, thus not allowing the file to be seen or used.
This is one of the reasons the TrueType Font Assistant from the Microsoft TrueType Font Pack II will not work in Windows? The TrueType Font Assistant relies on font information recorded in the Win.ini file, and will not work because font information is not stored in the Win.ini file in Windows 95/98.
One of the more prevalent font programs, Adobe Type Manager, is supported in a limited way in Windows 95/98. This would be Adobe Type Manager version 3.02 or later. however, this product is manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft.

Under normal circumstances, the Find tool may not find .ttf files in the Fonts folder. The Fonts folder is a system folder and is not included in searches. However, if you have installed the Windows Desktop Update component with Windows 98 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or 4.01, the Fonts folder is searched by the Find tool.

When I suggested that you install Tweakui, it was for the font repair tool that is contained in the Tweakui program. In essence, you performed the same repair by reinstalling, except that each time you want to make this repair you would creating a situation whereunder you could occur a crash due to a registry corruption.

I hope this gives you a clearer understanding of what is going on. As the answer that was originally posted indicated, there are two reasons for this occurring, one of which is a damaged file, whicle the other is an improperly registered or installed font.

There's two potential problems, let's take the easiest first. If you haven't already done so, install Tweakiui from the Windows 98 CD Rom. After the install, you will find an icon for it in your control panel. Open Tweakui and then run the repair fonts. Let me know how you make out. If there's a problem, we go to the Pagemaker side.
BengtVAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dennis, but I have found the solution to the problem!
I reinstalled Windows 98 and It solved the problem! At the end of the installation I got the message that I would lose fonts from Lpt1 and I would have to reinstall them again to use them... Great I thought, I reinstalled the drivers for the postscript-printer, a NEC Silentwriter,  that provides 35 postscript-fonts when You install the drivers, and opened Pagemaker again, now the problem was back, the TrueType Braggadocio was replaced by
one of the postscripts provided by the printer, though the program indicated that It was
Braggadocio!! Isn´t that strange, that some installed Truetypes would be "pushed away"
by postscript fonts!??
Now I knew that I just had to reinstall win98 to "get my fonts back"...!

Though the problem is solved for me, It would be interesting If anyone could give me a more detailed explanation to this, or Is it just a bug in Windows98?

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